Alien Abduction Day

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Time to set out the guest towels and get ready for house guests, Alien Abduction Day is fast approaching!

Alien Abduction Day
In 2012, Alien Abduction Day is March 20th.  This annual holiday is a great reason to have some family fun with a special visitor.  Purchase an alien doll & place him somewhere in the house for your children to stumble across in the morning.  Leave a note with his writing something like this:

“Greetings Earthlings!

My name is Little Greenie & I’ve been sent here to spend Alien Abduction Day with you to learn more about life on earth.  My mission is to gather data about your life here on earth such as what you eat, what activities you do for fun and how you learn and grow.  I’m here for one day only and then I must travel back to my home to hand in my report to my superiors.  I hope you choose to accept this mission.  Now let’s get started before my time here runs out!”

Preparing for Alien Abduction Day:

Have your children plan fun activities for your visitor.  You could take your alien buddy to fun recreation areas your kids enjoy, or out to a favorite restaurant (do you have a Space Aliens restaurant in your city?  The food is delicious and it is a fun atmosphere perfect for your visitor), he could follow your child to school and hideout in his/her backpack for the day to secretly observe learning, he go along with dad to work and dad could bring home pictures of him in meetings or catching up on office gossip at the water cooler (I know, any parent at work with a green alien is sure to get a few stares and whispers during the day!), there are so many fun activities you can try.  Be sure to bring a camera along to take pictures of all the places he travels, the food he tries and the activities he learns about.  It’s a day that’s sure to be filled with a lot of laughter.

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