Farmers Market Scavenger Hunt

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Looking for a fun game to keep the kids busy at the local farmers market? Then try this farmers market scavenger hunt idea.

Farmers Market Scavenger Hunt

One of our family’s favorite weekend activities is going to the local farmers market. There are always so many delicious vegetables, fruit and treats to choose from. A fun family or playgroup activity would be to meet at a local farmers market, browse around at everything on sale, have a fun farmers market scavenger hunt game (free printable below) for the kids and then enjoy a brunch or lunch in the park.

Farmers Market Scavenger Hunt:

A fun activity to entertain the kids while at the farmers market is to have a farmers market scavenger hunt. Each of the kids could be given a list of things to find and point out to you. Click here for the free printable. Here are a few ideas of items to search for:

  • Find 5 different types of vegetables that grow underground
  • Find 5 different types of fruits that grow on trees or in bushes
  • Find 3 handmade craft items
  • Find a food containing both vegetables & meat
  • Find a prepared food with no added sugar
  • Find homemade fruit juice
  • Find a treat for a dog
  • Find a vegetable that comes in 2 different colors
  • Find 3 different types of berries
  • Find a food that would taste great on a pancake
  • Find a sign for free samples
  • Find a food containing both dough & vegetables

After a little shopping and the farmers market scavenger hunt, you could have a little picnic in a park. There is always such a variety to choose from at the farmers market. You could purchase a few small items for a picnic brunch or lunch in the park. Some ideas are:

  • fresh buns and homemade jam
  • homemade cookies
  • prepared sandwiches
  • raw veggies and dip

Do you have a farmers market in your city? Do you visit it often? If so, what is your favorite food to buy?

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