The Power of Kindness

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I believe in the power of kindness and I believe it’s never too early to teach our children about giving to others.  Here are some fun ideas you could do as a family or you could gather your playgroup pals to participate as well. Your children can help you brainstorm more ideas. I’m sure you’ll be proud of what they come up with!

Activity Ideas to Showcase the Power of Kindness:

Kindness Craft:  A fun craft for helping teach children about helping others is to make homemade cards for children in the hospital.  Your children can use their creativity to create beautiful cards to be delivered to the hospital to help brighten another child’s day.

The cards could include any type of drawings, colorings, stickers, stamps, sparkles or any other card making supplies your child likes to work with.  Maybe your child even has a few jokes he’d like to include in the card.  Perhaps the moms & tots in your playgroup would be interested in participating as well.

You may even want to include a few toys, books, stickers or crafts from your local dollar store.  Be sure to check with hospital staff to see if there are any toys that they wouldn’t recommend.

A parent could then deliver these “Thinking Of You” cards to a staff member at the children’s hospital so they could then distribute them to the children in their care. They are sure to appreciate the power of kindness and the well-wishes.

Kindness Through Music:  Children can start making music at a very young age with the use of instruments such as rattles.  As children get a bit older, they also learn to sing along to their favorite tunes.  A fun idea would be for your moms & tots group to contact a local senior center to ask if they’d like a mini concert by your group.

Choose songs that the children are familiar with so they can all practice singing along.  Bring along musical instruments such as rattles, shakers, tambourines and any other small instruments that the children will be able to handle.  Be sure to bring along a little cd player with the songs you’ll be performing.  Moms – be prepared to participate in the singing as well!

Some of the kids may be too shy or young to sing along but they can still participate by using a musical instrument.  One or two songs will be plenty for the children to remember.  You can then stay after the concert for some visiting.

With children of a young age it’s sure to be a bit disorganized and out of tune but that just adds to the sweetness of it.  Your guests are sure to love the gesture and the little visitors.

Donations For Our 4-Legged Friends:  There are many used items around your home that could be donated to your local animal shelter.  Have your child help you gather old towels and blankets to donate to the furry friends in need.  Maybe you have a few small stuffed animals that your child has outgrown that would make a good friend for a lonely animal.  You can then make a trip to your local shelter to donate your goods to these deserving animals.

How do you teach your children about the power of kindness?

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