Wrestling Party Printables & Ideas

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My husband didn’t keep many things from his childhood but he does have a huge box of wrestler toys. When he first found them, he wanted to put them on display in the house but then they mysteriously disappeared. {wink} They’ll be making a comeback when our son is old enough to play with them. Do you have a wrestling fan at home? Then you’ll love this fun Wrestling Party Idea & Printables!

Wrestling Party Ideas

Wrestling Party Planning:

I wrote a WWE Wrestling Party post a while back with a super fun water balloon wrestling game. I think I’ll set it up for my son this summer when it gets warm enough to play water games outside!

Wrestling Party Ideas

For today’s wrestling party I did an indoor setup for a food table. My favorite way to add some color behind a table is by wrapping pieces of foam board in different prints of wrapping paper. It’s so easy to do and you can keep using those foam boards for more parties after! I also used our printable RUMBLE banner behind the table.

Wrestling Party Ideas

For food, I tried to come up with some fun twists on popular wrestling terms like:

  • Championship Cookies (any cookies will do but if you’re crafty you could make them look like championship belts)
  • Comeback Cheese (cheese cut into star shapes)
  • Rumbling Raspberry Tarts (graham cracker shells, vanilla pudding and raspberries)
  • Smashed Potatoes (mini potatoes squished with butter, cheese and sour cream)
  • Rematch Ravioli
  • Cupcakes with wrestling toppers
  • Signature Snacks (snack mix in paper boxes with a cupcake circle glued to the front)

Wrestling Party Ideas

Wrestling Party Ideas

Wrestling Party Ideas

Wrestling Party Ideas  Wrestling Party Ideas

I LOVE these wrestling ring favor boxes! Working with Wendy’s Printable Party is always such a pleasure because she completely understands my ideas. I love seeing what she comes up with! The tops of these boxes come off so you can fill the boxes with candies, small wrestling toys and more! The printable set includes instructions for putting the boxes together.

Wrestling Party Ideas

Wrestling Party Ideas

Wrestling Party Ideas

How To Print Your Free Wrestling Party Printables:

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Free party Printables

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Wrestling Party Printables

Do you have a favorite wrestler? I admit, other than The Rock, I don’t think I know any! My husband could fill you in on all their names though!

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