Vampirina Party

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Why did the vampire need mouthwash? Because he had bat breath! Some silly vampire jokes to kick off this fun Vampirina Party I styled for Warehouse Party Supplies – you can read my full article over on their site (including links to party supplies and free printables) but I’ll share all the party photos with you here for inspiration. Need another goofy vampire joke before we get started? What is a vampire’s favorite sport? Bat-minton! Now let’s fly on over to these fang-tastic party ideas!

Vampirina Party Food

Vampirina Party:

Let’s start with the invitations – Warehouse Party Supplies has a cute personalized invitation. You can personalize this with any text you’d like. Over in my article on their site, I give some creative wording examples.

Vampirina Birthday Invitation

Now let’s get into the food! This Bone Appetit buffet includes breakfast items – a fun idea since Vampirina’s parents operate a Bed & Breakfast for monsters.

Vampirina Party Buffet

Bone Appetit Buffet

Vampire Donuts

Vampire Donuts

Halloween Breakfast Food For Kids

Bat Cupcake Picks

Halloween Breakfast for Kids

Halloween Breakfast for Kids

Healthy Halloween Snacks for Kids

Bat Drinking Boxes for Kids

Vampire Drinking Boxes

Then of course you need a fun area to eat! This table has it all – Vampirina-themed dinnerware, spiderwebs, skeletons and lots of bats!

Vampirina Party Table

Vampirina Party Plates

Vampirina Party Supplies

Halloween Table Settings for Kids

Vampirina Party Decorations

Vampirina Party Banner

Bat Balloons

Skeleton Straws

Next up – activities! I have a Vampirina board on Pinterest that is filled with fun vampire-themed craft ideas for kids. Also, don’t forget the photo booth area! Kids always love having a souvenir photo to take home.

Vampirina Party Photo Booth

Vampirina Coloring Pages

Last, but not least, we have the party favors. Anything with a fun Halloween theme here would do – even Halloween colored nail polishes, glow in the dark bracelets, and other spooktacular kid-friendly treats.

Vampirina Party Favor

Vampirina Birthday Favor

Vampirina Party Favors for Kids

Remember to head over to Wholesale Party Supplies to read my full party article filled with lots of DIY ideas, links to party supplies, free printables, creative activity ideas and more!

One more silly vampire joke? You betcha! What do you get if you cross a vampire with a snowman? Frostbite!

Vampirina Party Ideas

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