Unique Birthday Party Supplies

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This birthday party supplies post is courtesy of our contributor Carolyn…Have you ever had a year where you had almost 50% of your weekends booked up? At this late-twenties (shhh!) chapter of my life I should have expected the weddings and babies and showers. It is somewhat overwhelming (but mostly exciting) especially the weekends I get the privilege to plan! I was asked to check out the Minted website and they have stationary and decorations for all of the occasions I am planning this year. The feature that immediately caught my eye was the customizable décor! They have so many unique birthday party supplies for kids!

Birthday Party Supplies

Birthday Party Supplies For Kids:

While researching the website I found 61 décor bundles in the “Kids Birthday Party” tab alone. It included many popular as well as some unique themes from princess crowns, to the zoo, to pirates. Now I would tell you which one I plan to choose for my son’s birthday party but I don’t want to ruin any surprises…hint: he’s really into sports right now!

After choosing a party décor theme, there was an option to choose individual items from the list or to choose from three premade party “suites”. I went with the “Dream Party Suite”. I was able to personalize a banner, table signs, and party signs. My favorite option was the ability to add a picture of my son to the banner; what an adorable and personal touch! This party suite consists of other products as well, including paper straws and other tableware. While customizing the signs I was hoping for more of a selection in backgrounds and colors, but the one they had designed in this particular package was adorable enough to use.

Birthday Party Supplies

After customizing my package and reviewing the items I was brought to the shopping cart page where I had the option to edit the products, remove or add to the quantity of each. The whole process was straight forward and took me a total of twenty minutes.

I will keep you posted on my little man’s party and how the final product turned out. My next visit to the Minted website will include researching products for a classy and sassy wedding shower. I can’t wait!

Another area worth checking out is the Wall Art Prints. There is a great selection here that would make great gifts for Mother’s Day & Father’s Day!

Birthday Party Supplies

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