Treehouse Parents Birthday Party Photo Contest

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As you know, I love a good party! I’ve joked with my husband that I’d love to host a birthday party for my son every month. Obviously that isn’t an option (boo!) but I do plan his parties for months in advance because I love all of the little details that go into a party. One thing is for sure, we always have a lot of party photos after the special event. Over at Treehouse Parents, they love a good party too and that is why they are hosting a fun Birthday Party Photo Contest this month!

Treehouse September Birthday Party Photo Contest

Treehouse Parents Birthday Party Photo Contest:

They want to see birthday party photos of all types – the birthday boy or girl digging into the first cake, the adorable handmade decorations, that cake that you stayed up all night baking, the excited smile your children get when they realize this special day is all about them…and more!

Simply visit the Treehouse Parents Monthly Contest page and upload your favourite birthday party photo. Have too many favourites to choose from? No problem – you can enter daily!

In addition to being able to showoff those adorable birthday party photos that we know you want to share, you will also be entered to win a $250 Gift Card!

This contest is open to Canadians only (excluding Quebec) and is live from September 11th, 2013 to October 8th, 2013. The full list of rules and regulations can be found on their contest site.

One my my favourite photos from my son’s first birthday party is this one of us standing in the shark’s mouth of his Under The Sea party.

One of my favourites from his second birthday party is watching him dig into his food at his Farm Animal party.

So start looking through those pictures and planning out which photos you want to share. Make yourself a calendar reminder to share a new photo daily. Treehouse Parents can’t wait to see your birthday party photos!

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  1. Good to know who I can call to book a party! I hate throwing parties! I worry to much and never enjoy them! When I try to keep costs down I end up spending twice as much! lol


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