Leftover Halloween Candy Ideas

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You never know how many little trick or treat guests will visit your home on Halloween. You may run out of candy early or you may have loads left over. Depending on how big of a loot your little ones collect, you may have more candy than you know what to do with. In this post, I’ll provide some creative (and delicious) leftover Halloween candy ideas.

Leftover Halloween Candy Ideas:

  • Crush it (a rolling pin over chocolate bars inside a plastic bag does the trick!) and mix it into slightly softened ice cream. This can be saved in the freezer for a special dessert treat.
  • Donate them to a local charity that works with children.
  • Bake brownie cupcakes (click here for a recipe) with a surprise center! Insert a piece of the chocolate bar into the center of the brownie cupcake as soon as it comes out of the oven. These freeze well and can be saved for your holiday dessert table.
  • Donate them to a local children’s hospital. These little ones may not have had an opportunity to go trick or treating. If you drop the treats off at the nurses station, they can distribute these to the children.
  • Crushed chocolate bars make a delicious topping for plain cheesecake.
  • Bring the leftover Halloween candy into the office for your co-workers.
  • Have your children make special treat bags for people like the babysitter, a neighbor, a teacher or even the mail carrier!
  • Save them for a concession stand treat for a movie night at home.

What will you be doing with your leftover Halloween candy?

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13 thoughts on “Leftover Halloween Candy Ideas”

  1. Great tips! I used to bring my leftovers in for my coworkers (back when we had a local office) so I wasn’t tempted to eat all that extra sugar. Now it’s more of a “ration” approach since candy pretty much lasts forever!

  2. I really like the idea of saving it for going to the movies since the concessions are SO expensive! Also, dropping them at a local children’s hospital is a nice way to share.

    Thanks for some awesome ideas!

  3. Love you ideas about what to do with extra Halloween candy! That recipe sure would be yum! BTW, left over Halloween candy in my household is as scarce as the Lochness Monster!


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