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Welcome to Party Tip Tuesday! Today we’re featuring Sara of The Homespun Hostess. Sara is full of fabulous ideas and she shares tips for how you can style creative parties on your own! I love discovering new party designers and Sara’s site is full of fabulous ideas that you’re going to want to check out. She’s here today to share some easy-to-follow party planning tips with us.

The Homespun Hostess

1) What is The Homespun Hostess?

The Homespun Hostess is a company that I created a couple of years ago to help bring my homemade style to parties. I love adding paper elements instead of the usual party store party décor along with other little DIY touches. The Homespun Hostess is a place where you can get a printable design to use in so many creative ways for your party. You can visit my new website and blog and find me on Facebook for the latest design updates and freebies.

2) Where are some of your favorite places to shop when looking for creative party decor?

I love to shop at Marshalls and TJ Max for great deals and interesting items from candy jars to cake stands to home décor that can be used to make your party unique. I love to shop at fabric stores to get inspiration for colors and patterns to set the tone for the party. You can use fabric to cover tables, inside baskets, table backdrops, etc.  I also try to get to flea markets or antique shops for vintage finds when I can. I have found some gems that add the perfect touch to my parties.

3) What are some ideas party decor items that are inexpensive yet can create that special “Wow!” factor in a party?

I think adding height to your table is very important and does not have to be expensive. Depending on the style of your party, you can use crates, gift boxes, cake stands, baskets, candle sticks…anything you have on hand that will add height to your different dishes. I also think paper can coordinate your whole party for a small amount of money and add a really pulled together look. A printable set goes a LONG way!

The Homespun Hostess

4) What tips do you have for parents who are hosting a party outside of their home and are limited for setup and take down times?

I have done a couple of these in the last couple of years. In fact, my son’s bowling party that I did this summer was the most rushed yet. I had 20 minutes to set up before guests arrived. My advice – have a plan! I always do a mock table set up at home and snap a photo with my phone. That way when I get there I know I have all of the right dishes and I just go to work setting it up quickly just as practiced. My other tip – get help! I used to want to do it all myself. Now I graciously accept help when my family or friends offer it and I have plan for what can be done to help. More hands make light work!

I think this one worked out OK with just 20 minute set up!

The Homespun Hostess

5) Can you tell us about one specific piece of a party that the kids really loved?

I think the party that stands out to me as being the most FUN was my son’s 9th birthday camping party. What kids don’t love s’mores, right? I think between late night flashlight tag, nature hunt and making s’mores by the campfire they truly had a great time that was outside of today’s norm (electronics). Plus, it was EASY PEASY! A campfire, marshmallows chocolate, grahams, dollar store flashlights, camping printables and it was a party!

The Homespun Hostess

*All photos courtesy of The Homespun Hostess

We’d like to send a big THANK YOU to Sara for being featured this week. Be sure to follow along on her social media channels (listed on the right side of The Homespun Hostess blog). She is always sharing fabulous ideas that you’re not going to want to miss!

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