Pirate Party

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Ahoy, Matey! One of the coolest birthday parties you can plan for your little ones is a Pirate Party! Here you’ll find ideas for invitations, decorations, activities, food and treat bags.

Pirate Party – Invitations:

Your pirate invitations could include such pirate phrases as “Ahoy Matey”, “Aye Matey” or “Shiver Me Timbers! {Child’s Name} is turning {Age}!”. You may want to send an eye patch along with your invitation and ask that guests wear it to the party. Message in a bottle invitations are an excellent idea for invitations that can be hand delivered. Pirate Party - Invite1. Pirate Personalized Invitation
2. Pirate Invitation in a Bottle
3. Ahoy Mates! Pirate – Squiggle Shaped Birthday Party Invitations

Pirate Party – Decorations:

Fun decoration ideas include plenty of pirate dress-up gear. The children will love dressing up as pirates and it will be a great added touch for photos and games. A pirate flag or “beware” sign would look great at the entrance to the party. Black and red are great colors for a pirate party and you can work this into the theme through table linens, dinnerware, balloons and streamers. The pinata makes an excellent decor piece while also being a fun portion to the treasure hunt game. Pirate Party - Decorations1. Inflatable Cutlass
2. Treasure Chest Pinata
3. Treasure Chest 3-D Centerpiece
4. Pirate Balloon
5. Pirate Streamer
6. Inflatable Pirate
7. Pirate Hat
8. Pirate Happy Birthday Balloon
9. Pirate Skull and Crossbones Balloons
10. Pirate Banner
11. Jolly Roger Pirate Flag
12. Eye Patches

Pirate Party – Activities:

What would a pirate party be without a treasure hunt?! Once the guests have arrived to the party, let them know that a scallywag has stolen the pirate’s treasure and it’s up to them to track it down. Create challenges that the children have to complete in order to receive their next clue. The last clue will be a treasure map (see the fun treasure map paper below) to the hidden treasure. You can hide this in the backyard with a map of the layout of your backyard with an “X” marking the spot that the treasure has been hidden.

Some fun challenges you may want to try are:

  • Pinata: Once the children successfully break the pinata, they’ll find their next clue in with the pinata’s candy filling.
  • Sea Legs: It’s important for pirate’s to develop strong sea legs to survive the rough seas! Using a baseball bat, have children place one end of the baseball bat on the ground and bend down to put their forehead on the top of the baseball bat. Have each child spin 5-10 times and then try to run straight and across the finish line. There will be a lot of sideways running so make sure there isn’t anything for the children to hurt themselves on.
  • Pirate Code of Conduct: All pirates must adhere to a strict code of conduct. Write this code of conduct onto a large poster, let the children view it for 30 seconds, then turn it back around and have the children shout out the codes of conduct. Once they remember them all, they can receive their next clue. Codes of conduct can include items such as: Must always refer to their pirate crew as “Mateys”; Instead of “Yes” must say “Aye Aye!”; Once the treasure is found, all pirates must shout “Shiver Me Timbers!”; No pirate shall ever let another pirate walk the plank alone…use your creativity to come up with some more fun codes of conduct.
  • Canon Ball Practice: Using a few toy shooters and foam balls, have the children participate in canon ball practice. Leave a few empty bottles out on a table, have the children stand at the designated line and try to knock down the bottles with their canon.

The treasure chest can be filled with items such as chocolate coins, beaded necklaces, ring pops, plastic gems and candy necklaces.Pirate Party - Activities1. Bubble Gum Foil Coins, 100 pieces
2. Bead Necklace
3. AntiqueDesign Craft Paper
4. Pirates Map Wall Decal
5. Stretchable Candy Jewelry Bracelets
6. Pin The Eyepatch on the Pirate Game

Pirate Party – Food:

Some fun ideas for pirate party food are:

  • Canon Balls (meatballs)
  • Pirate Peg Legs (bread sticks or jumbo pretzel sticks)
  • Plank Pizza (long rectangle pizza)
  • Pear-It Wings (sliced pears)

Try printing your own fun food place cards using this free template and some pirate stickers.

Pirate Party - Food1. Ahoy Mates! Pirate – Dinner Plates – 8 Qty/Pack – Birthday Party Supplies & Ideas
2. Ahoy Mates! Pirate – Hot/Cold Cups – 8 Qty/Pack – Birthday Party Supplies & Ideas
3. Ahoy Mates! Pirate – Luncheon Napkins – 16 Qty/Pack – Birthday Party Supplies & Ideas

Pirate Party – Dessert:

Cupcakes are a popular choice for birthday parties because there is no cake cutting involved plus you can mix it up with a few different cake & icing flavors. Try some black & red icing for some added color. Pirate Party - Dessert1. Ahoy Mates! Pirate – Personalized Birthday Party Brownie Favors
2. Ahoy Mates! Pirate – Birthday Party Cupcake Wrappers
3. Pirate Ship Cake Pan

Pirate Party – Pirate Treasure Bags:

In addition to some of the cute pirate’s treasure ideas below, you can also send kids home with some of the treasure that they found during the treasure hunt game. Pirate Party - Favors1. Pirate Ring
2. Pirate Gummy Candy
3. Treasure Chest Favor Box
4. Pirate Figure
5. Mini Plastic Telescope
6. Pirate Skull Ball
7. Pirate Ultimate Favor Set
8. Deluxe Pirate Favor Set
9. Gold Coins

Have Fun & Happy Planning Mateys!

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