Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt

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This free printable Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt is a fun way to enjoy a fall family walk through your neighborhood. Your kids can also play this from the car while you are running errands. Let your children see how many of these they can find and simply point them out to you. Do you have any fun Thanksgiving traditions? I don’t think it’s a tradition for us but we do always buy a huge pumpkin pie that we can nibble away on for days. I always look forward to that pie!

Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt

Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt:

The items on this free printable game to search for are:

  • scarecrow
  • a pumpkin that has not been carved
  • bag of leaves
  • someone raking leaves
  • hay stack
  • “Happy Thanksgiving” sign
  • rake
  • turkey decoration
  • migrating birds
  • corn on the cob

Do you decorate your house for Thanksgiving? If so, what types of decorations do you use? What is the most unique Thanksgiving decoration you’ve ever seen someone else use? Let us know in the comments below.

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