Teenage Birthday Party – Mall Scavenger Hunt

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Most teens love spending time at the mall. This fun teenage birthday party idea involves the mall and cake – sounds like a perfect day, right?!

As your child gets older, it begins to be more difficult to find party games that they will enjoy. This teenage birthday party idea includes a a fun mall scavenger hunt (click here for the free printable) to entertain the guests while wandering the mall. In this post you’ll find ideas for invitations, decorations, food, activities and swag bags.

Teenage Birthday Party – Invitations:

Your teen is probably going to want something a bit more modern for a birthday invitation. Here are a few ideas…my favorite is the one that looks like an instant message on a phone (something your teen can probably relate to!). A fun theme for a mall birthday party is “Shop ’til You Drop!”. Mall Scavenger Hunt - Invite1. Birthday party invitation, Gothic Art
2. Birthday party invitation, Invitation Application
3. Birthday party invitation, Cool Cake

Teenage Birthday Party – Decorations:

One of the great things about hosting the party at a mall is that you don’t have to worry too much about decor. A fun idea is to host the supper in a private area of a restaurant in the mall. With a few simple decor pieces, your room will be perfect for your celebration. Ideas to perk up the party area would be a birthday banner, balloons, special cups, personalized napkins and wild party caution tape. Mall Scavenger Hunt - Decor1. Pirate Parrty “Happy Birthday” Banner
2. Princess Goblet
3. Princess Mylar Balloon
4. Princess Cups
5. Girl Skull Balloon
6. Dot Mylar Balloons
7. Personalized Birthday Napkins
8. Silver Plated Diamond Ring Napkin Holders
9. Warning Tape Streamers

Teenage Birthday Party – Activities:

A fun activity for a teenage birthday party is a mall scavenger hunt (click here for the free printable game). For this game, you’ll need to provide the teens with a few supplies based on the requirements of your scavenger hunt. For example, if you use this free printable game, each team will need:

  • a small bag to collect items
  • a camera (borrow a digital one or provide guests with disposable cameras)
  • $5 bill
  • handful of change

Ask guests to meet in a central location when they first arrive to the mall. Split the party into teams of 3 or 4. Hand each team a supplies bag along with a printout of the mall scavenger hunt game.

Set a time and a location to meet back up. If you will be hosting supper at a local restaurant, this is a great place to meet after the game.
Teenage Birthday Party - Mall Scavenger Hunt

If you will be providing guests with disposable cameras, make sure that the film is large enough to take as many photos as you need (for example, there are 20+ on the free printable game). Also, if using disposable cameras, make sure there is a photo shop in the mall that will develop the pictures for you in less than an hour. This way the guests can share the photos, share a few laughs, and you can hand out prizes.

Prizes for this mall scavenger hunt could include $5 gift cards for restaurants in the food court.

Teenage Birthday Party – Food:

As I mentioned earlier in decor, a great idea for a mall party is to have your supper in a private area of a restaurant. You could work with the restaurant to design a menu specifically for your party.

The food could be served family-style (meaning trays of food are placed in the middle of the table and guests help themselves to whatever they’d like) or you could design menus personalized for the party with 3-4 meal items each guest can choose from.

Teenage Birthday Party – Dessert:

Most restaurants will let you bring in your own dessert for a party but it’s always good to ask first just to be sure. If there is a bakery in (or around) the mall, you could order cupcakes and simply dress them up with shopping-related cupcake toppers. Mall Scavenger Hunt - Dessert1. Plastic Couture Handbag Cupcake Picks
2. Pretty in Pink Handbag Shoes Party Cupcake Picks
3. Stiletto High Heel Shoes Cupcake Food Picks Cake Toppers

Teenage Birthday Party – Swag Bags:

There are so many fun ideas for swag bags at a teenage birthday party! The shopping theme could be carried over into favors with items such as:

  • reusable shopping bags
  • purse manicure kits
  • piggy banks for the “shopping fund”
  • coin purse
  • personalized notebooks for the “shopping wishlist”
  • hand sanitizer for your purse
  • cookies from the mall in personalized cookie wrappers
  • coupons for the mall

Mall Scavenger Hunt - Favors
1. Purse Shaped Favor Boxes
2. Owl Coin Holder with Clip
3. Cheetah Print Purse Manicure Set
4. Personalized Mini Flower Totes
5. Shopping Bag Cupcake Favor
6. Baby Piggy Bank
7. Personalized Paris Themed Notebook Favor
8. Personalized Birthday Hand Sanitizer
9. Personalized Birthday Cake Bag

Where is your favorite place to go in the mall?

For more fun birthday party ideas including themes, decorating ideas, food ideas, activities, free printables, favor ideas and more, check out our special Birthday Party page.

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8 thoughts on “Teenage Birthday Party – Mall Scavenger Hunt”

  1. This is a great idea! Last year we did a similar party for my daughter. Each girl was given a $20 gift certificate to the mall when they arrived in a small paper gift bag. They did the scanvenger hunt and went shopping and then we all met at a restaurant in the mall afterwards. The girls had a blast and loved they got to do a bit of shopping as well!

  2. This sounds really fun! My birthday I comin up really fast and I still don’t know what to so this might just be a great idea for me and my friends!! Besides we ALL LOVE shopping!!

  3. Beware!! I just did this yesterday for my daughter’s 13th birthday and the mall does NOT allow this and I understand its most malls. It was fun until the security guards stopped the girls and brought them back to me in the food court letting me know that you need management’s approval, but management doesn’t approve anyone. So think hard about this, because my daughter was crushed that her birthday party was ruined. 🙁

    • Dana,…. Was your scavenger hunt one in which you collected items or just took photos? We are planning this for my daughters 16th birthday and I would hate for this to happen. Could you also tell me what state you are in? Maybe it is different in different areas?


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