How To Save While Shopping At Target

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If you’ve been to Target, you’ve likely noticed the Target REDcard signs or you’ve been asked about signing up at the register. We go to Target often but I always declined signing up for it because I thought I wouldn’t have the time to complete the application or that I’d have to sign up for another bank account to manage. Oh boy, was I ever wrong! I signed up on my home computer a couple of weeks ago and it was so easy.

Target REDcard

First of all, you don’t need a separate bank account. The REDcard works with your current bank accounts. Basically, you give Target permission for pre-authorized debits from your chequing account when you use the REDcard while shopping at Target. It’s really convenient and the savings are great! There is no annual fee for a Target REDcard.

Next, the application process was so easy. I chose to sign up at home because I’m usually shopping with my 3 year old son that is in a rush to get home to play with whatever he just purchased at Target. Signing up was simple. You go to the Target REDcard page and complete the application form in just a few minutes. For the debit card, you’ll need to provide your current banking information (which is easy to find if you have some blank cheques at home). Your application is then processed and you’ll receive your card in the mail within a couple of weeks.

You can apply for either a Target debit card or a Target RBC MasterCard but the MasterCard is a bit different. The Target RBC MasterCard is a credit card issued by RBC Royal Bank of Canada. You can use it wherever MasterCard credit cards are accepted. Besides saving 5% when you use it at Target stores in Canada, you will also earn Target GiftCard Rewards when using your Target RBC MasterCard outside of Target. You can also apply for the Target RBC MasterCard at your local RBC Royal Bank branch.

Why sign up for a Target REDcard? For the awesome savings! When using your REDcard at Target, you get an automatic 5% savings PLUS if you sign up before November 10th, you get an additional one-time coupon for an extra 5% off.

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