Mini Tailgate Party For Kids

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My husband was telling me about all the fun he used to have in his hometown at tailgate parties. Although I grew up with two brothers and a dad at home, sports were never a big thing at our house. The guys in my family were more interested in vehicles, trucks and electronics. My husband loves sports though and can’t wait for the day that our son can play hockey with him. Today is the 101st Grey Cup (CFL Football Championship) and it is hosted in our city this year so I thought it would be fun to throw a little pre-game tailgate party at home. It’s way too chilly to go outside plus we don’t have a truck for our tailgate and it’s just not the same in the back of a minivan! So I improvised and planned our own little party indoors.

Tailgate Party For Kids

Cute Little Tailgate Party:

My son has a lot of little trucks in the house so I decided to throw a mini tailgate party right in front of the television. I sent my husband out to buy sliders and mini buns but he went to five stores and they didn’t have any sliders for sale. Boo! I guess winter isn’t the time to look for mini burgers. So, I improvised again and just cut regular sized burgers in half and put them in mini buns.

I then lined the back of a few toy trucks with checkered wax paper and filled them with mini burgers and fries. We had ketchup in little paper cups on the side and Pepsi in bottles to drink. Mini pop cans would be perfect for your mini tailgate party!

Tailgate Party For Kids

Tailgate Party For Kids

One of the trucks was too small for fries but my husband insisted that it be used because it looked perfect for a tailgate party…so the fries went on the side.

Tailgate Party For Kids

Tailgate Party For Kids

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  1. What a cute idea. My kids are always jealous because they don’t get to go with my husband to his tailgates. This is a great idea.


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