Silly Swamp Party Games

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Welcome back to Swamp Party Week here on Moms & Munchkins. Today we’re wrapping up the week by sharing some fun & silly swamp party games for kids. These activity ideas would be great for keeping kids entertained at a party or even just as a fun afternoon at home with family.

Swamp Party Games

For more ideas, visit our special Swamp category.

Swamp Party Games:

Frog Tag: We all know how to play tag and it’s pretty easy to play, right? Well…now picture that instead of running, everyone has to hop like a frog. Yes, it’s more difficult but it’s sure to cause a lot of laughter watching the little “frogs” hopping around the yard!

Searching For Snake Eggs: This is basically like an Easter egg hunt but we’re calling them snake eggs instead. Inside the eggs you could hide gummy worms!

Make Your Own Swamp Slime: In our Swamp Birthday Party post, you’ll find a link to a recipe for making your own slime. This would be a great favor for the kids to take home.

Swamp Hopscotch: To create this game, you’ll start with a green plastic tablecloth, some green and brown streamer paper and some grey paper. Lay the tablecloth on the ground, rip off long strips of streamer paper and put this on top of your “swamp” and tape some “rocks” (cut from the grey paper) on the plastic tablecloth. Your little frogs have to jump across the swamp by only jumping on the “rocks”. You could make it a bit more difficult by removing a “rock” after each round. If someone lands in the “swamp” instead of on a “rock”, they are out. Continue playing until there is one player left that hasn’t yet landed in the “swamp”. The plastic tablecloth will be slippery depending on the type of floor you put it on so you may want to substitute for a green blanket or tape the tablecloth to the ground using painter’s tape.

Gulping Gators: This is like the popular Hungry Hippos game but a life-sized version. Blow up a bunch of balloons and have the kids take turns trying to put as many balloons as they can into a laundry basket within a set amount of time.

Wresting Alligators: With a large inflatable alligator, let the kids take turns wrestling the gator. For a messy outdoor summer game, instead of wrestling an inflatable alligator, they could wrestle green water balloons!

Here are some more fun ideas & supplies for your swamp party games! Don’t forget to visit our special Swamp page for even more creative ideas.

Swamp Party Games Supplies

1. Inflatable Alligator Ring Toss Game
2. Inflatable Alligator
3. Plush Crocodile Head Costume Hat
4. Glow in The Dark Slime
5. Emerald Green Jumbo Streamer Roll
6. Chocolate Brown Crepe Paper Streamer

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