Swamp Party Food Ideas Plus Free Printables

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Planning a swamp-themed party and not sure what to serve for swamp food? We have a few fun ideas to share with you along with some free printable food tent cards to display the food at your swamp party. How about some swamp water, slime and snake skins? Sounds delicious, right?! Okay, maybe not but once I explain them I’m sure you’ll want to gobble them up!

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Swamp Food Ideas

Swamp Food:

To help display the swamp food at your swamp party, we’ve put together some free printable swamp food tent cards. Simply print them out, cut along the heavy green lines, fold in half like tents and use them to display the food on your party table.

Here are some delicious ideas for your swamp buffet table:

  • Swamp Slime – lime JELL-O
  • Frog Legs – battered zucchini fries
  • Snake Skins – loaded potato skins
  • Driftwood – thin vegetable spring rolls
  • Swamp Water – green juice
  • “Gator” Ade – juice
  • Gator Tails – green grapes on a kabob stick (search for it on Pinterest, you’ll find plenty of ideas)
  • Crocodile Bites – any type of bite-sized appetizer like mini spinach quiche
  • Mud Pies – chocolate macaroon cookies
  • Chocolate Dipped Flies – chocolate raisins
  • Snake Eggs – green grapes
  • Gator Bait – fish-shaped crackers

I’ve also included one blank page of labels for writing down your own menu ideas. Do you have any clever swamp food ideas? Feel free to share them in the comments below because I know other readers would love to hear your ideas!

Don’t forget to visit our Swamp page for more activity, food and party ideas.

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