Recruiting Members

Now that you have a location to meet, an online area for moms to share information and group rules established, it’s time to start locating members for your new moms club!  You may already have a small group of friends that you want to invite to the group.  Or maybe you are looking to meet new moms in your area.

When my friend and I started our own new moms club, we used free advertising sites like Within a few days of posting our advertisements, we had 25 moms plus little ones.  Within two months, we grew to 75 members – all from free advertising and word of mouth.

Another option for advertising is in your community newsletter.  If the community association is sponsoring your group (allowing you space to use for your meetings), they’ll likely also give you free advertising space in your community newsletter.  If your city has a website for sharing community information (community association websites, recreational guide for the city, etc.), many of these will also allow you to post an advertisement free of charge.  Do a little Google research to see what options are available in your city.

Once you recruit a few members to your new moms club, you’ll find that you’ll get a lot of new member requests just by word of mouth from other moms in the group.

You may have to start a waiting list based on the responses you receive and the size of your rented facility. You’ll likely find that many moms will sign up but never attend a meeting. You should have a note in your Moms Group Rules that states that if a mom hasn’t attended 3 meetings in a row, her spot will be given to the next mom on the wait list.

In the next section, I’ll discuss activity ideas for your moms group.

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