Spring Bingo

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While you’re out walking with your kids and enjoying this beautiful spring weather, bring along this free printable Spring Bingo game for your kids to play.  It’s a fun & easy game that everyone can participate in! Simply print the game and have your children point out the items to you as they find them. You can use this game over and over again since every walk is different and there will be new things to discover.

Spring Bingo

Spring Bingo Items To Search For:

  • yellow flowers
  • bird singing a tune
  • kids outside playing soccer
  • baby ducklings
  • bounce house
  • garage sale
  • someone washing their car
  • a butterfly net
  • windsock
  • a bicycle with a basket on the front
  • water sprinklers
  • wagon
  • pink flowers
  • tricycle
  • a tennis ball
  • camper
  • someone spring cleaning the inside of their car
  • outdoor hockey nets
  • boat
  • people playing basketball outside
  • someone pruning flowers
  • someone barbequing
  • someone painting
  • a rabbit

What is your favorite thing about spring? Let us know in the comments below! Did your favorite activity make it onto the Spring Bingo game? I’d have to say my favorite thing about spring is the warm weather since I spend most of my winter hibernating indoors.

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