Special Agent Oso Games & Activities

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As you know, we’re big fans of Disney Junior Canada. Special Agent Oso is one of our favourite shows because of all the fun training exercises and special assignments he is sent on. Many of these special assignments can be easily done at home (in 3 special steps!) as part of a fun family activity. Here I’ll share a few of our favourite Special Agent Oso games & activity ideas.

Special Agent Oso Games

Special Agent Oso Games & Activity Ideas:

  • making paper fans by colouring pieces of paper and folding them into fans
  • making snow globes with small jars, small toys, glitter and glue
  • making frozen juice pops using an ice cube tray, plastic wrap and toothpicks
  • bug watching in your backyard (you can use this free printable bug scavenger hunt)
  • making pancakes for a special breakfast while watching episodes of Special Agent Oso
  • picking fruit at a local farm
  • picking wildflowers and pressing them into a book
  • learning how to jump rope
  • helping to sort the recycling
  • making a fort with a cardboard box, markers and scissors
  • creating a card to mail to a special friend or family member
  • baking a pie together
  • going to the park and playing on the swing set
  • taking pictures of your pet(s)
  • going ice skating (indoors or outdoors)
  • riding a scooter
  • building a snowman
  • completing a puzzle together
  • playing hide & seek
  • making a homemade cone party hat
  • making a bird feeder for your yard
  • learning how to hula hoop
  • visiting a petting zoo and learning how to feed the animals
  • building sand castles at the beach or your local park
  • visiting the library (you could also use this free library scavenger hunt)
  • flying a kite at the park
  • painting a picture and mixing paint to make new colours
  • completing a connect the dots colouring page
  • making snow angels
  • making paper snowflakes
  • making masks using paper plates, markers and elastics
  • going tobogganing
  • playing tag
  • throwing a football at the park
  • fill, hang and play with a pinata
  • practicing your family’s fire drill
  • learning how to make a healthy snack

On Disney Junior Canada, you can play some online Special Agent Oso games plus print out some colouring pages.

What has been your favourite episode of Special Agent Oso?

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