#PurifyYourAir Twitter Party

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About this time two years ago, my energetic little man (2 years old at the time) broke is leg in three places simply from falling while running through the kitchen. The initial x-rays didn’t show a break so we were at the hospital almost daily for follow-ups since he wasn’t able to walk and seemed to be lacking his normal level of energy. As you can imagine, there are a lot of germs circulating in the hospital and my son caught so many things from the multiple ER trips we had to make. By the time we convinced doctors to admit him, the poor little guy had croup, an ear infection, RSV and his broken leg. Our poor little guy spent a week in the hospital going through chest x-rays, using the nebulizer, taking medications and healing his broken leg. The one positive from this experience was that we found a great pediatrician who has taken him on as a patient. The pediatrician did warn us that a small percentage of children who have had RSV could develop asthma. This is particularly concerning for us since he also has food allergies and the combination of asthma and allergies is really scary!

Other than the beautiful fall weather and colourful leaves, September is also known as the start of allergy and flu season. Did you know that if your child has asthma, there is a 1 in 4 chance that he or she will be making a trip to the hospital this month? Now that the weather is cooler and school is back in session, kids are spending even more time indoors. Here’s a scary fact – inside air is five times more polluted than outdoor air! My son is only four years old but we’ve already had two ambulance rides due to croup and I can tell you that the nebulizer certainly isn’t fun for kids! I’m so thankful that the nebulizer is available for kids suffering from croup or asthma but it’s not something we want to try again this year.

#PurifyYourAir Twitter Party:

With all the renovations we’ve been doing in our house this month, I know we’re in need of a good air purifier. I’m excited to be working with Fellowes AeraMax Air Purifiers – the ONLY Air Purifier to be certified by the Asthma Society of Canada, AeraMax units safely remove 99.97% of airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns. You should see the dust in our house right now mixed with cat hair…and we haven’t had cats for over a year! It’s surprising to see that cat hair still hiding around the house. Can you imagine all the airborne particles in your house that you can’t see?

Purify Your Air Twitter Party

Join us for the #PurifyYourAir Twitter Party on Thursday, September 17th at 8:00pm ET hosted by @FellowesCanada and @Listen2Lena. We’ll be sharing helpful tips on how to make your air cleaner and safer plus we’ll have some great prizes to give away! RSVP below to be eligible for prizes (open to Canadians only). We’re looking forward to chatting with you!

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