Party Tip Tuesday with Printable Parties To Go

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Today Feather of Printable Parties To Go is here to share some creative party planning inspiration with us. You can see the level of detail that she puts into every party she styles and she has some great ideas for making a party unique for your child.

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1) What is Printable Parties To Go?

Printable Parties to Go is a company that offers fun and unique printable party designs for many different occasions.

Printable Parties To Go

2) Of all the parties you’ve styled, which one stands out as one of your favorites?

Out of all the parties I have styled I would say the Duck Dynasty “Quack Commander” theme is my favorite.

Printable Parties To Go

3) What are some of your favorite ways to decorate an otherwise standard party supply?

I really like to decorate by keeping things simple and inexpensive. A standard party supply I always use and have in a variety of colors are metal buckets. These buckets are perfect for holding eating utensils, paper straws, cake pops and more.

Printable Parties To Go

4) What suggestions do you have for making a child’s birthday unique from other parties with the same theme?

My suggestion for making a child’s birthday unique from other parties with a similar theme is to be original and make the party your own. There is no right or wrong when it comes to styling a party. Personalizing the party around what the child likes makes it even more memorable and unique.

Printable Parties To Go

5) Do you have any suggestions for decorating a kids table for Christmas?

My favorite suggestion for decorating a kids table at Christmas is to cover the table with a white paper table cover along with crayons or markers in a metal bucket. There is nothing more entertaining to a child then creating art of their own.

Printable Parties To Go

Thank you to Feather for sharing ideas in this Party Tip Tuesday feature. You can find more of her creative work on Pinterest & Twitter.

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