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This PLAYMOBIL toys review is courtesy of our contributor Carolyn…PLAYMOBIL is a classic toy brand and having the opportunity to review a few PLAYMOBIL products had me happily remembering the cowboy set I had as a child. I have no words for how I feel being able to share the memories (and make new ones) with PLAYMOBIL toys with my own child!




I opened and set up the PLAYMOBIL Take Along Princess Birthday and PLAYMOBIL Wolf Knights’ Castle toys at the same time to create a bigger and better miniature world. I put together the sets without the children. I did this to ensure it was together before pieces go missing and more importantly, it’s always priceless to see their faces when they see the miniature world set up in all its glory.

Both sets were put together within twenty minutes, perfect for a mom who saves all her patience for the children!


The attention to detail in the PLAYMOBIL sets is remarkable. I was joking with my partner about how much I love AND hate all the little pieces. It’s great for little minds to have all the loose pieces to imagine and play, but not so great having to locate all the little pieces all the time. From the tiny hair brush and jewelry in the Princess set to the removable torches and armor in the knights set, it was exciting to see the kids fully engage in their fantasy play!

“We will eat cake after the wedding kiss!” – 4 year old girl


“Hold the torch so you can see the prisoner in the dungeon!” – 4 year old boy


My favorite part about the Princess set was that it could all be packed up and locked into a carrying case.

I have a hard time picking a favorite part about the Knights set. The interchangeable pieces and the ability to put the catapult anywhere on the castle was a highlight.


My overall favorite part about these PLAYMOBIL toys (and it’s been since I was a kid) is how the characters can hold the different items. Having a choice of different weapons made the kids pretty excited too!

New PLAYMOBIL NHL Hockey Theme:

I’m not sure who was more excited opening the New PLAYMOBIL NHL Hockey Theme – my son (4 years) or Dad (age hidden – let’s just say much older)! I saved this review especially for dad and son because hockey holds a special spot in my partner’s life! It took just under ten minutes to set up and their favorite part of setting it up was personalizing the ‘ice surface” with their favorite team logo. An added bonus was all the extra NHL stickers I tucked away for a future art project!


Each player gets a goalie and another player. The goalie is hooked up to the net and the other player is free to move around the surface. My first impression was that it would be awkward to navigate both players but my guys proved me wrong!

Having watched a game or two with his dad, our boy included everything he remembered from watching a hockey game on TV; from the Slap shot to the fighting element! “Let’s have an ice battle! Drop your gloves!”

Some educational conversation brought up while playing the New PLAYMOBIL NHL Hockey Theme included number recognition while keeping score and comparing colors when choosing which guys to play with!

“I will be red and white because red is my favorite color.”

The New PLAYMOBIL NHL Hockey Theme provided an hour of initial fun between father and son and is fully in our daycare toy rotation!

The new PLAYMOBIL toys did not disappoint. They were just as engaging and entertaining as I remember from my childhood and I cannot wait to get out and see what we can add to our collection.


*Disclosure: I was compensated for this post; however, all opinions expressed here are my own.

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