Pet Shop Party Ideas

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I am so excited to share these Pet Shop Party ideas with you. I’ve been brainstorming these ideas for a while so it was so much fun to finally put it together. I have to send a big THANK YOU to Michelle of Michelle’s Party Plan-It who turned my scribbled notes into an adorable printable party package. I have a lot of ideas to share so let’s hop right into it!

Pet Shop Party

First I’d like to start by sharing a video that Sasha of Silver Frame Productions helped me put together.

Pet Shop Party – Invitations:

Since this is a pet shop themed party, I wanted to create an invitation that looked like a store’s Grand Opening celebration. The coupon on the bottom is such an adorable touch! You could even have a “Coupon Zone” at the party where guests can collect the products that go along with the coupon of the week.

Pet Shop Party

Pet Shop Party – Decorations:

What does every business need on the outside of their store? An open sign! This cute sign could be hung on the front door leading into your party.

Pet Shop Party

For a party backdrop, I alternated white streamers with polka dot streamers on the wall. Another fun idea would be to use paw print steamer paper or to create your own storefront awning above the food table.

To give the table some height, I used tall candlesticks to hold up mini birdcages filled with features.

Other cute decoration ideas could include:

  • stuffed animals on the table
  • dog or cat dishes
  • dog or cat toys (squeaky toys, plastic toy balls, balls of yarn)
  • the bottom tray of a hamster cage as a food tray
  • the bars of a hamster cage as a platform to give serving trays height on the table

Pet Shop Party

Pet Shop Party – Activities:

Sometimes the sillier the game is the more fun they are to play…and these games are super silly!

Dog Training: Your little guests can have the opportunity to act like some playful puppies in this game. You can set out some pylons for them to run around, hoops for them to jump through, flying discs to catch, streamer paper “poles” for them to jump over, boxes for them to crawl through, finish lines to roll over, etc.

Pet Shop Party

Trainer Says: We all know the game Simon Says, right? This game is very similar to that. The leader says pet actions or commands like:

  • Trainer says scratch your ear
  • Trainer says howl at the moon
  • Trainer says hop like a bunny
  • Trainer says roll over
  • Trainer says sit pretty
  • Trainer says speak
  • …and the list goes on!

Then when the leader says a command without starting with “Trainer says” first, any child that does the action is out and the game continues with the remaining players until there is one person left.

Pet Shop Party

Yarn Soccer: This game is fun for both indoor and outdoor play! Kittens love to bat around balls of yarn so make a silly game of this by using a soccer net and a ball of yarn instead of a soccer ball.

Pet Shop Party

Pet Shop Party – Food & Drink:

There are plenty of creative ways to plan pet-themed snacks that don’t taste like dog food!

Small vegetarian sandwiches can be labeled as “Bunny’s Garden Vegetable Sandwiches”.

Pet Shop Party

Potato chips can be placed in a large chip bowl or individual bags and labeled as “Hamster Shavings”.

Pet Shop Party

Granola bars can be labeled as “Bird Feeder Granola Bars”.

Pet Shop Party

Using a sugar cookie recipe and a dog bone shaped cookie cutter, you can make dog bone cookies. You can also take a shortcut and use oval shaped chocolate treats.

Pet Shop Party

What would a pet shop party be without adorable pets, right? Serve cake pops in a variety of different animal shapes like dogs, fish, bunnies, mice, birds and cats.

Pet Shop Party

Small pet food dishes can be used for chocolate candies like malt balls or chocolate covered dried fruit.

Pet Shop Party

Cupcakes can be dressed up with printable cupcake circles. A couple of sprinkle jars can be labeled as “Fish Flakes” and guests can add sprinkles to their cupcakes.

Pet Shop Party

Mini fishbowls can be used for drinks along with paper straws.

Pet Shop Party

Pet Shop Party – Favors:

I love these mini dog house favor boxes! Simply add a personalized tag and you’re all set!

Some fun ideas for pet shop party favors include:

  • a whistle (like a trainer whistle or a dog whistle)
  • flying disc
  • pet shaped cake pops
  • chocolate dog bone shaped cookies
  • small stuffed animals

Pet Shop Party

Pet Shop Party

Pet Shop Party Supplies:

Here are some additional party supplies and tips to where you can find some of the supplies that were mentioned in this post.

Pet Shop Party

1. Crepe Paper Streamer Dog Paw
2. Pet Double Diner
3. Loving Pets Dolce Dish Dog Bowl
4. 4-Story Cage for Hamster
5. 2-Piece Metal Round Bird Cage Set
6. Paw Print Cello Treat Bags
7. Dog Bone Cookie Cutter Set
8. Whistle with Lanyard

Party Vendors:

Printable Party Supplies – Michelle’s Party Plan-It

Cat Cake Pops – Celebrations Cake Pops

Dog House Favor Boxes – Simply Everyday Me

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  1. So many fun ideas! My 10 year old is a huge animal lover and this would be a great idea for her birthday party next year! Thanks so much for sharing on Best of the Weekend!

  2. Just wanted to say… thank you for featuring my Dog Box… Please convo me at my etsy shop… I’d like to give you a special treat!!! Thank you so very much! – Michelle –


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