Becoming a Magician

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One of the coolest birthday parties out there is a Becoming a Magician theme.  If your child loves magic, then this is a great party idea.  Here you’ll find ideas for invitations, decor, food, desserts (my personal favorite part of a party!), activities and loot bags.

Becoming a Magician – Invitations:

The first (and really cute) birthday party invitations come in a unique squiggle shape, offer 11 lines of personalization and come with envelopes. The return address labels (sold separately) are a cute touch.

For those of you who are crafty, a fun idea would be to make a flat black paper magicians hat with a rabbit insert. The rabbit could be holding all of the party information.

Maybe you’d like to invite guests from bring along their own favorite magic trick to amaze the guests! Becoming a Magician - Invitations1. Little Magician – Squiggle Shaped Birthday Party Invitations
2. Magic Personalized Invitation
3. Magic Personalized Address Labels

Becoming a Magician – Decor:

For a magician theme you’ll want to use a lot of reds and blacks.  This can easily be incorporated through balloons, tablecloths and dinnerware.

A cute idea for a centerpiece is to use a magician’s black top hat flipped upside down and fill it with flowers or a stuffed bunny or even a small dove (check your local craft store) sitting in the rim.

A pinata can serve as fun decor as well as a game for the guests. Becoming a Magician - Decorations1. Rabbit in Hat Pinata
2. Magic Balloon Weight
3. Red Rectanglular Plastic Table Cover
4. Black Table Skirt
5. Red Assorted Disposable Cutlery
6. Black Latex Helium Balloons

Becoming a Magician – Food:

For kids birthday parties, you always want to keep the food simple, easy to create and choose crowd favorites.  Hot dogs, pizza or hamburgers are excellent choices.

Create your own magic wand snacks buy using large pretzel sticks & dipping them in chocolate.  For the magic wand white tip, you could dip the end in white sprinkles, coconut or white chocolate.

Create your favorite type of punch and include a sign in front of the punch bowl that says “Magic Potion”. Becoming a Magician - Food1. Magic Dinner Plates
2. Magic Cup
3. Magic Napkins

Becoming a Magician – Dessert:

Try making a regular rectangular cake and then once cooled, cut into smaller rectangles.  Cover each with white icing and then use red or black icing (or gel) to create playing cards.

Prefer cupcakes?  Then try these cupcake wrappers to help tie in the theme.  A cupcake option is to use black cupcake wrappers and icing the cupcakes black (the idea is to make it resemble a top hat) and top with bunny ears (marshmallow bunny peep ears would be good for this). Becoming a Magician - Dessert1. Magic – Birthday Party Cupcake Wrappers
2. Magic Rabbit in a Top Hat Cupcake Picks – 12ct
3. Card Flexi Cupcake Picks

Becoming a Magician – Activities:

Do you have a magician for hire in your city?  The kids would enjoy watching some magic tricks and learning how to do some themselves.

Want to learn magic tricks that you can do at home?  Check out this site for some ideas!  You could even break the group into a few smaller groups and assign each a trick.  After a little practice, they could come together to do a magic show for each other.

Buy a couple of Magic 8 Balls and have the kids take turns asking questions.

Here are some magic kits for kids. Perhaps each child could learn their own trick and then perform the trick for the group. Each child will love becoming a magician for the day! Becoming a Magician - Activities1. Spectacular Magic Show with Performance Table
2. Kids’ Magic Secrets: Simple Magic Tricks & Why They Work
3. POOF-Slinky Ideal My First Magic Set with Instructional DVD

Becoming a Magician – Loot Bags:

There are so many fun ideas for a special magician’s loot bag.

  • Deck of cards
  • Small bunny toy
  • Illusion books or puzzles
  • Mini Magic 8 balls
  • Small magic tricks
  • Rabbit notepads
  • Mini chocolate bars in personalized wrapper

Becoming a Magician - Favors
1. Rabbit Notepad
2. Magic Favor Bag
3. Magic Ultimate Favor Set
4. Magic Favor Set
5. Magic Tricks
6. Magic Ball and Cup Trick

Abracadabra!  You’ve now created your Becoming a Magician Party!  Happy Celebrating!

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  1. My son wants a magician party and you have GREAT ideas but one problem where can I purchase the invations cupcake wrappers and loot bag grat ideas but don’t know where to get them pls help thanks


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