10 Steps to Planning Your Themed Party on a Budget

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This post is courtesy of our contributor ElizabethWe all see these amazing parties all over Pinterest, but we often scroll on by thinking “I could never afford to throw a party like that!” Lemonberry Moon specializes in creating a party on a budget and today I’ll share with you my top 10 tips on how you can too!

Themed Party On A Budget

1. Pick Your Theme

Choose a theme that your child is interested in. This seems like a no-brainer, but the reason (beyond the obvious) for this is props! For example, your son loves dump trucks and has them all over the house. A construction party is the perfect theme for you and you can use many of his toys as decorations for your theme!

2. Pick Your Colors

Choose 2-3 colors for your party. Continuing with the construction theme: yellow, black and orange would all make great choices. Rather than purchasing construction themed plates, napkins, etc., purchase these items in your theme colors.Themed Party On A Budget

3. Make a Guest List

It can be tempting to invite the entire class, but to save your sanity and wallet, pick just about six young guests. Etsy has some amazing options for themed invitations you can print yourself, or to save money you can opt for a digital invitation.

4. Pick Your Time

A great way to save is to plan your party around a snack time rather than a mealtime. You can offer snacks and treats, but save yourself the expense of feeding everyone a big meal.

5. Pick Your Treats Wisely

It can be difficult to narrow down which Pinterest worthy treats to serve so I’ve done it for you in my article: Top 10 Budget Friendly Treats For Your Next Party.

6. Pick Your Games/Activities

It is easy to get overwhelmed with games and activities. You want to keep the kids busy and make sure they have fun, but many parents over-plan this part. Choose 2- 3 short games or one good activity. Activities are great because the final product can usually double as a party favor. For the construction theme, a large sandbox where kids can play with trucks and dig for hidden favors will keep them plenty happy and busy! Budget friendly games are easy to come by: a scavenger hunt, obstacle course or quick game of BINGO are all popular choices.

Themed Party On A Budget

7. Pick Your Favors

If you have an activity planned it can usually double as a take home favor. Extra party treats can also work as favors, try setting up a special candy bar and give guests their own bags to fill. I also love orientaltrading.com and the Dollar Store for inexpensive themed favors. Candies, stickers and bubbles are always popular choices.

Themed Party On A Budget

*I always keep a few extra favors to the side. This is helpful if one guest didn’t get something or if you have unexpected guests such as younger siblings.

8. Pick Your Location

If you can use your home it is always the easiest and least expensive. You won’t forget to pack anything and it costs nothing. Another great budget friendly option is a local park, most have plenty of tables up for grabs if you get there early.

9. Make a List

Making a checklist is one of the most important parts to sticking to a budget and having a stress-free party. All the above points should be on it as well as a timeline. What things need to be ordered or made ahead of time? What things need to be done that day?

10. Have Fun!

Planning a party can be stressful, but I hope I’ve made it a bit easier for you. My #1 tip is to have fun. Don’t stress over a missed detail. Don’t spend the entire party running all over. Breathe and have fun! And take lots of pictures!

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Themed Party On A Budget

We’d like to send a big THANK YOU to Elizabeth for sharing these party on a budget ideas with us. Be sure to follow her on Facebook and Pinterest for even more creative ideas!

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