25 Easy Cake Pop Recipes

Easy Cake Pop Recipes

Cake Pops are the best! We have so many cake pop recipes on Moms & Munchkins, but these are some of our very favorite! Easy to make and fun to eat, Cake Pops are the perfect treat for almost any occasion. My kids love when we make these. Every time I need a dessert in … Read more

Apple Pie Ice Box Cake

apple pie ice box cake

I love baking cakes. Baking cakes fills my home with delicious smells while cooking and fills my heart with joy when I’m eating them after they come out of the oven. But, when I bake in the warmer months it can really heat up my house. Not my favorite. So, I’ve been on somewhat of … Read more

Homemade Crab Rangoons

If you need a great party appetizer recipe that looks amazing–but is secretly easy, this homemade crab rangoon is just what you need. And bonus: it tastes so amazing, your friends will think you had these delivered for the party. They’ll never know that you spent a few minutes making them yourself unless you tell … Read more