Open a Bed and Breakfast – Kids Entertaining Houseguests

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Are you preparing for houseguests? Do you want your children to be involved in the planning? A fun idea is to ask your kids to open a bed and breakfast!Open a Bed and Breakfast

How to Open a Bed and Breakfast – Kid Style!

This is a fun idea for both your family and the expected guests. While your children are planning to open a bed and breakfast, here are a few ideas you can suggest:

  • Welcome Note: Create a welcome note to leave on the bed in the guest room. This note can including wording like “Welcome to the {Family Name} Bed & Breakfast! We hope you enjoy your stay!”.
  • Chocolates on Pillow: What better way to welcome guests to the bed & breakfast than leaving chocolates on the pillows!
  • Stocking Supplies: Have your kids help with stocking the supplies for the guest. This can include towels in the bathroom, fluffing the pillows on the bed and stocking the bathroom with the necessities. When planning to open a bed and breakfast, ask your children what items would make the guest feel more at home.
  • Toiletries: At your local dollar store, have your children pick out a few toiletries to include in a basket in the bathroom. This can include small haircare products, soap, shaving cream, cotton swabs, shower cap, etc.
  • Pay Per View Movies: Have your children prepare a list of movies that are available to rent (they can sort through their collection and pick out some of their favorites). Payment could be listed as “The fee for each movie rental is 1 joke”.
  • Sightseeing Tips: Your children can help create a listing of sightseeing items within your city. This could include museums, their favorite park, their favorite restaurant – all the places they enjoy that they’d be happy to tell your guests about.
  • Tourist Attraction: Your sightseeing tips brochure could include a tourist attraction in your own home. For example, you could set out some binoculars and host a bird watching adventure in the backyard. Perhaps your child has a collection of something, they could display this in the home and invite guests for a tour of the special collection. Maybe your child loves to draw, then an at-home art museum would be a fun display to set up. When planning to open a bed and breakfast, your children are sure to be full of creative ideas.
  • Schedule of Activities: Are your guests in town for a special event or holiday? Your children could create a fun Schedule of Activities listing times of various events throughout the weekend. For example, Thanksgiving could include a time for dinner, Christmas could include a time for opening presents, etc.
  • Prepare a Special Breakfast: You can’t open a bed and breakfast and not serve a delicious breakfast, right?! Have your children help to choose some delicious breakfast recipes to try when the guests are in town. They can help grocery shop, prepare the food and set the table.
  • Newspaper Service: Your little ones can deliver the newspaper to the guests each morning. They could even highlight the articles they feel are newsworthy.
  • Room Service Menu: Your children can create a room service menu with items that can be delivered to the guest room upon special request. This could include water, soft drinks and snack items. The price of each item could be something silly like “One High Five” or “One Hug”.
  • Souvenirs: Have your kids put their creativity to use by creating souvenirs for the guests to take home. A photo of your home could be turned into a fun postcard.
  • Welcome Basket: Many of the above items could be placed in a “Welcome Basket” that is left in the guest room along with a bottle of water and a bell to ring for service.
  • Rate Your Stay: The night before checkout, the kids could slip a “Rate Your Stay” card under the guest bedroom door. This could an introduction of “On a scale from 1 to 10 (1 being Not Satisfied to 10 being Excellent), please rate your stay” along with questions like “Cleanliness of Room”, “Friendliness of Staff”, “Tourist Attractions”, etc.

What activities do you think your kids would enjoy when planning to open a bed and breakfast? How do your children get involved when you have guests?

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