Olympic Party Ideas

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The 2012 Summer Olympics are coming up soon! How are you planning on celebrating? Here are some fun Olympic Party Ideas perfect for enjoying with your family & friends.

Olympic Party Ideas

This fun Olympic torch snack is incredibly easy to put together. All you’ll need are Bugles (corn chip snack by General Mills) and nacho cheese dip (I like the Tostitos brand). Guests can simply dip the bugles into the dip to create their own mini Olympic torch snack!

So many people are looking forward to the start of the 2012 Summer Olympics! This is a great time to plan a fun party for your family & friends to celebrate this event. Here you’ll find ideas for invitations, decorations, activities, food and desserts. There will even be a few free printables!

Olympic Party Ideas – Invitations:

Your party invitation could include a phrase such as “Let The Games Begin!”. If there will be Olympic party games at your event, be sure to let guests know to come dressed for the occasion.

Your party invitations could be designed as tickets to an event. For an easy to use template, go into MS Word, click New, click Installed Templates, and then search the word Tickets. You’ll find a few free designs to use as a basic template. You can then add on clip art, party details and anything else you’d like!

Olympic Party Ideas – Decorations:

Party decor could be as simple as printing copies of various flags and hanging them around the party area. A little Google image searching will lead you to plenty of free printable flags.

You can create your own Olympic rings to hang at the event. You’ll want to use blue, yellow, black, green and red bold colored printer paper. You can then print this free printable ring on each of the colored pages. Simply cut out the circles, glue them together similar to the design of the Olympic rings and you have your very own party decor.

Olympic Party Ideas - Rings

Olympic Party Ideas – Activities:

Olympic Party Ideas - Games

You can create your own Olympic party games to play at the party. Here are some fun obstacle course game ideas.

Guess the flag: Your party decor could include printed pictures of flags from around the world. Have your guests guess which country each of the flags belongs to. Visit Wikipedia for a listing of flags by country.

Don’t forget to hand out medals as awards! You can find some inexpensive medals at your local dollar store.

Olympic Party Ideas – Food:

Since the Olympics involve countries from around the world, a fun food idea would be to include traditional food from around the world.

Some ideas are:

  • English style fish & chips
  • Ukrainian perogies
  • German sausage
  • Greek feta dip or appetizers

The possibilities are endless!

Olympic Party Ideas – Dessert:

A fun & sweet snack you could serve at your party is colored popcorn. You could color the popcorn the same colors as your country’s flag or you could color the popcorn in the colors of the Olympic circles. Here’s a great recipe for colored popcorn that you can make in the microwave.

Cheer on your USA or Canadian team with these free mini chocolate bar wrappers. Click here to print “Go Team USA” wrappers or click here to print “Go Team Canada” wrappers.

Other fun ideas for Olympic themed desserts include:

  • donuts or circle cookies glazed in the colors of the Olympic rings
  • Jello Olympic rings
  • candy buffet in the colors of your country’s flag or the colors of the Olympic rings

Do you have a favorite Olympic sport?

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  1. Hi! Cute ideas! I am excited to watch Swimming and Gymnastics. It amazes me how young the athletes are (or maybe I am just old). Found you from SITS! Go Team USA!


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