Photo Scavenger Hunt

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With summer holidays fast approaching (or perhaps your kids are already enjoying the summer break), it’s time to start planning some fun activities to help entertain the kids.  A photo scavenger hunt is a great way to spend the day having fun and making memories!  You’ll want to grab a camera and take the kids out on an adventure around the city (or even just to a mall or park) to complete this fun photo scavenger hunt. Chances are that you won’t be able to find all of these items in one location so you may need to drive to a few different locations.

Create a fun list of items for your kids to find (the stranger & funnier the better) and have them take pictures of themselves completing the photo scavenger hunt list.  You could also print this one for free.

Photo Scavenger Hunt

Photo Scavenger Hunt Items:

  • Shaking hands with a statue
  • Giving a high five to a mascot
  • Eating ice cream while wearing mittens
  • On a slide in a park
  • Putting your spare change into a donation jar
  • Running through sprinklers
  • Taking time to smell the roses
  • Standing on the top of a hill
  • Hiding behind a tree
  • Visiting ducks at a pond
  • Holding a copy of today’s newspaper
  • Reading a book about a monkey
  • Making a sandcastle
  • Standing under a street sign that starts with the letter “W”
  • Holding a bug

You can then drop off your pictures to be developed while you enjoy lunch with your kids in the food court or at the park.  Once you receive your pictures, you can use the them to create a few fun pages for your family scrapbook.

Which item on this list do you think would be the most difficult to find? Which would be the most fun to complete?

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Free Photo Scavenger Hunt Printable Game

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  1. Just found your site today and I am beyond grateful for sharing all of your ideas. You will be changing our family’s lives for the better!!! Gone are the days we play the same old games again and again! All of your ideas are awesome and I really want to thank you so much!


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