National Grandparents Day

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Did you know that National Grandparents Day is the 1st Sunday after Labor Day? Are your kids thinking of fun ways to celebrate? Here are a few fun & creative ideas they can try. Some are for grandparents that live close by and some are for grandparents that live far away. No matter the distance between you – there are many fun ways to celebrate this fun day!

National Grandparents Day

National Grandparents Day Celebration Ideas:

  • Draw of color a special picture for your grandparents
  • Spend a day in a park enjoying games, flying kites and a picnic lunch
  • Create a card listing all of the things you love about your grandparents
  • Spend an afternoon playing board games & cards
  • Create a photo collage of fun memories
  • Create drawings of your favorite memories together
  • Make fun fingerprint art on a small canvas (check out Ed Emberley’s Complete Funprint Drawing Book)
  • Make grandma some jewelry
  • Take grandpa fishing
  • Plant them some flowers in a flower pot that you painted yourself
  • Create a movie theatre at home with a concession stand & invite them over for a special movie screening
  • Create a special video message to email to them
  • Put on a special puppet show for a live theatre production created for National Grandparents Day
  • Host a tea party with iced tea and cookies
  • Create a carnival of games for them in your backyard. Select a few special prizes that they can win (homemade crafts are perfect prizes!)
  • Take some fun family portraits
  • Mail them a special word search that you made just for them (here’s a free template to help you get started)
  • Put on a special concert for them playing instruments at home or by creating your own fun instruments
  • Bake them some cookies
  • Paint them a special candy dish at your local pottery painting studio

How will you be celebrating National Grandparents Day?

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6 thoughts on “National Grandparents Day”

  1. Hi Cheryl! I love this post. Anything to do with Grandparents is so important, we all love them 🙂

    My parents live in Nova Scotia and my daughter and I are in Ontario. So, giving our distance but desire to spend time together we have planned a family Google+ hangout for Sunday!

    My Dad loves learning new things to do online, I love Google+ so it’s a win win.

    Thanks again for posting this! I added you to my Google Reader 🙂


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