Mystery Party Game – Mixed Messages

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Planning a fun mystery party for kids? This free printable Mixed Messages mystery party game is easy to set up plus I’ll give you instructions on how to make your own mirror clues. Simply print all of the free printable clues and then hide them around your house for the guests to find. The messages are all written backwards so the guests will have to hold them up to a mirror in order to read the clues.

mystery party game

Mixed Messages – Mystery Party Game:

You can start by giving the party guests the first clue that will lead them to the second clue. Once they find the second clue, it will provide them with a hint to where the third clue is…and so on…until they solve the mystery with the final clue. The mystery could be anything like finding the missing birthday cake, the missing gifts, the missing party favors, the hidden treasure, etc.

Here are the clues you’ll find on the free Mixed Messages mystery party game:

  • Greasy footprints were found outside and it looks like butter. This clue could lead them inside the fridge
  • We’ve received a report that the suspect was only wearing one sock. Where do you think the missing sock is? This clue could lead them to the dryer, a laundry basket or a sock drawer where the next clue could be hidden inside a sock.
  • Did you hear that knocking? It sounds like someone is at the door! This clue could lead them to any door in the house.
  • Video surveillance shows that the suspect stopped to watch the news. This clue could lead them to a TV, a remote control or under a couch cushion in front of the TV.
  • Sneaking around all day can sure make a suspect hungry. This clue could lead them to the fridge, pantry, cupboard with pots and pans, utensil drawer, etc.

To make your own mystery party game mirror clues in MS Word:

  • Go to Insert
  • Click on Word Art
  • Type in the secret clue you want the guests to solve, Click on OK
  • While the Word Art is selected, go to Format, Arrange, Rotate and click on Flip Horizontal

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