Mother Goose Story Time

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Mother Goose Story Time at the library is a fun time for all!

Mother Goose Story Time
On Saturday my husband, son and I hosted a little holiday party at our local library to enjoy a Mother Goose Story Time.  Since this was on a Saturday & some people have the day off work, I invited moms to bring their husbands along as well.  It was nice to have a little holiday group activity to include the entire family.

Mother Goose Story Time:

Our local library does a program called Mother Goose Story Time where a librarian leads a half hour program of singing, dancing and reading stories.  It’s really a lot of fun and the little ones seem to really enjoy it.  The librarian sings a lot of familiar songs and displays the words on an overhead projector so that everyone can sing along.  She adds actions to the songs that the kids can join in on.  Some songs include little dances that everyone can get up and participate in.  Some songs even have little puppets which the kids really enjoy watching.  For some of the songs, she hands out little egg shakers that the kids can shake along with the music.  One of the favorite activities during the story time is when each parent is given a little container of bubbles – the kids love watching the bubbles float around the room. 🙂

If your library doesn’t offer a program like Mother Goose Story Time, you could always call and ask if someone there would be willing to start one.  The library is always looking for fun ways to encourage children to read. Or perhaps you or someone in your group has an outgoing personality and would like to organize something like this for your moms group.  Your local dollar store is a great place to find inexpensive books, puppets and sing along CDs.

What is your favorite nursery rhyme?

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