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There are many fun holiday ideas for creating a fun Christmas party for your Moms & Tots group!

The countdown is on – 9 days until Christmas!  We had our first holiday party this week with our moms & tots group.  There were so many fun holiday ideas to incorporate! We set this up as a potluck lunch and arranged for raffle prizes and a craft.  For my favorite potluck recipes, click here.

For the raffle prizes, I contacted many companies around the city and let them know that I run a moms & tots group and we wanted to do something special for the holidays.  I let them know that we wanted to raise money to donate to a charity by raffling off a few prizes. It’s a great way to give back to your community while having fun as a group. Some of the prizes donated could also provide you with more holiday ideas like a party theme. Here’s an example of the email (in case you wanted a template to use for your own event):

Hello: A friend and I have started a Moms & Tots group in Regina. We’ve been running the group for less than a month and already have 50 moms plus little ones. We arrange special guest speakers and demonstrations free of charge so we were very thankful when the Living Spirit  Centre generously offered us their basement to use for our meetings.

We’ll be having a holiday party for the little ones on December 14th and would like to somehow give back to the community. We came up with an idea to sell raffle tickets for various prizes then donate all of the proceeds to a community charity. We thought of you because we know many  of the moms would appreciate a little special treatment at the spa. We’re hoping that you’d be able to donate a small gift for us to raffle at  the party.

Thank you so much for your consideration!

I was surprised at how many companies were quick to offer wonderful prizes! We received wonderful prizes like a gift certificate from a spa, a bakery gift certificate, movie passes, gift bag from a spa, among many other prizes (all great holiday ideas for gifts too)!  We then sold tickets for $1 each to the moms at the party.  We raised $87 to donate to a charity (very impressive considering there were only 9 moms plus little ones at the play date!).  These holiday ideas for raffle prizes are a great way to have some fun while doing something great for the community!  If you didn’t want to collect money for a charity, you could do something else like:

– for each piece of food brought for the food bank, each mom would get one ticket

– each unwrapped toy for a donation would equal one ticket

– each piece of used clothing donation would be one ticket

We all had a wonderful time and we look forward to starting up our play dates again in the new year.  I hope these holiday ideas inspire you to plan your own party to give back to your community and to have fun as a group. Happy Holidays Everyone! 🙂

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