Monster Truck Dipstick Snack

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This monster truck party food is really easy to prepare and the kids will have a lot of fun with it. All monster trucks want to run at their best performance which means that regular tune-ups are a must! Today’s snack is part of the regular maintenance – dipsticks for checking oil…except this time we’re dipping for chocolate.

monster truck party food

Monster Truck Party Food:

For this snack you’ll need:

  • jumbo pretzel rods
  • chocolate wafers for melting
  • crushed candies

The kids can be involved with setting up this snack as well. Monster trucks crush cars, right? Well, your kids can help by crushing candy. Your little Candy Crushers can use rolling pins on top of food storage bags filled with candy to help crush them for this snack.

Your candy could include chocolate candies like M&M’s, sprinkles, toffee bits, even salty snacks like plain crushed potato chips. Potato chips and chocolate? Yep! Apparently it’s a delicious combo but not one that I’ve tried yet.

Simply set out the pretzel rods, melted chocolate and crushed candy with plenty of napkins. Kids can dip the “dipsticks” into the chocolate and then coat them with crushed candy.

Remember – no one likes a double-dipper!

The candy may actually stick better if the kids pour some on their plates first and then roll the chocolate dipped pretzel stick in the candy. If you use the melting chocolate wafers, the chocolate tends to dry quickly so it will help the candy stick better.

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