Silly Games To Bring Out The Monkey In All Of Us

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Does your little one dream of having a pet monkey like Curious George? Does he wish he could be a monkey for the day while experiencing some fun adventures? There are plenty of fun ways to bring out the monkey in all of us and you don’t have to be in the jungle to do so! These monkey games would also be perfect for a monkey-themed birthday party.

Monkey Games

Monkey Games:

Jungle Obstacle Course: Using green streamer paper, create an obstacle course maze of “vines” for the kids to climb over, under and around. The goal of the game is to get through the “vines” without breaking any of them.

Monkey Bars: Monkeys need strong arms to be able to swing from tree to tree. Your little ones can practice building up their strength while playing on the monkey bars at your local park.

Acting Like A Monkey: You aren’t a really monkey until you can perfect your monkey noises and actions so encourage your little ones to hop around, making silly noises and release their inner-monkey!

Collecting Coconuts: A true monkey needs to be good at finding his own snacks. Send your little monkeys out in to the yard to find “coconuts” (brown paper circles will work just fine) and see how many they can collect.

Monkey Scavenger Hunt: Hide stuffed toy monkeys or cut-outs of monkeys around the house and yard. Kids can then use their little binoculars to go on a search for wild monkeys.

Pin The Tail on the Monkey: Using a print-out of a monkey, have each child take a turn being blindfolded and trying to stick the tail on the monkey. The tails can be made out of brown paper, yarn or felt.

Barrel of Monkeys: Monkeys are always stronger in groups so practice making your own monkey team in a game of Barrel of Monkeys.

Monkey See, Monkey Do: Have the children take turns being the leader in a game of “Monkey See, Monkey Do”. The leader does silly actions or noises (no words) and the other guests imitate the leader.

Banana Split Buffet: After a wild day of monkey games, do you know what a monkey likes to eat? Banana splits of course! Set up a delicious banana split buffet with ice cream, whipped cream, chocolate fudge, sliced fruit and of course plenty of bananas.

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