Monkey Birthday

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Planning a monkey birthday party for your little monkey? Then I hope some of these ideas inspire you! Don’t forget to check out our special Monkey category for even more fun party ideas, activities, monkey-themed food and more!

Monkey Birthday – Invitations:

Your invitations could include a fun intro line like “Get Ready to Monkey Around at {Child’s Name}’s Birthday Party!” Whether you want a jungle monkey, sock monkey, Curious George or other fun monkey character, there are plenty of monkey invitations to choose from. Monkey Birthday Invitations1. Birthday party invitation, Monkey Games
2. Monkey Party Personalized Invitation
3. Sock Monkey Personalized Invitation
4. Monkey Boy – Personalized Birthday Party Invitations With Squiggle Shape

Monkey Birthday – Decorations:

For a backdrop behind the food table, try some plastic vines from a local dollar store and hang them on the wall. You can print little monkeys and hang them from the vines.

You could also use more of these vines at the entrance to the party so that the children have to walk through them on their way in.

Some other ideas include monkey decals on the wall, inflatable monkeys, inflatable palm trees and photo props. Monkey Birthday Decor1. Happy Birthday Monkey Balloon
2. Monkey Wall Decorations
3. Inflatable Palm Tree
4. Jumbo Inflatable Monkey
5. Jungle Monkey Canopy
6. Beach Monkey Photo Prop

Monkey Birthday – Food:

At each child’s place setting, include a fun monkey mask or monkey birthday cap and some monkey dinnerware on top of a bamboo placemat. You could tie a vine around the napkin & utensil pack on top of the plate. Monkey Birthday Food1. Coconut Cups
2. Monkey Around Shaped Dinner Plate
3. Floral Monkey Deluxe Package
4. Bamboo Placemats
5. Curious George Beverage Napkins
Monkey Around Birthday Box

For the food, you could serve anything that the kids enjoy and just give it fun monkey names. For example, Jungle Monkey Burgers, Vine Fries (shoestring fries) or Banana Boats (hot dogs in buns).

There are plenty of banana foods that could be included on a dessert table such as banana cream pie, chocolate dipped bananas, cupcakes with banana flavored icing and banana pudding. You could also serve banana flavored milk as a drink or in a punch bowl. A coconut cup would be a fun way to serve the banana milk.

Monkey Birthday – Activities:

Banana Relay Race: A fun & easy game you can play is a banana relay race. Split the kids into teams of 3-4 and give each team a basket of bananas. At the sound of a whistle, one person from each team must place one of the bananas between their knees and waddle to the other side of the room/yard and drop the banana into a bucket. If the banana falls on the way, the child must go back to the starting line and try again. Once the child places the banana in the bucket (no hands allowed!) then it’s the next person in the team’s turn. After all members of the team get to one side, then they start over again to take the bananas back to the starting point. The first team to complete both rounds successfully is the winner! With all those bananas, you may want to plan on making a few loaves of banana bread!

Going Bananas: Create a fun scavenger hunt for the kids to find the missing monkey. Hide clues around the house and yard with various challenges for the kids to complete in order to receive the final clue to find the hidden monkey. Some challenges could include:

  • Banana Picking – Hang some banana cutouts from a tree and have the kids try to jump or come up with other clever ideas in order to pick all of the bananas.
  • Banana Shooters – Create banana shooters in small plastic cups with graham crackers on the bottom, banana pudding in the next layer and whipped cream on top. Each child must successfully eat the banana shooter (you could say “no hands” for extra difficulty).
  • Pinata – Fill a pinata with candy & a clue. The children must break open the pinata in order to search for the clue hidden amongst the candy.
  • Monkey Impersonations – Each child must give their best monkey impersonation before they’ll be awarded the next clue. They kids will have fun hopping around like monkeys and doing their best monkey calls.
  • Barrel of Monkeys – Have the children try to connect all monkeys without the use of their hands.

Monkey Birthday Activities1. Barrel of Monkeys
2. Monkey Pinata
3. Plastic Bananas

Monkey Birthday – Treat Bags:

Fun candy to put into a monkey birthday treat bag includes marshmallow bananas or chocolate covered banana chips. Here are some other fun ideas for a monkey treat bag. Monkey Birthday Favors - 11. Banana Pen
2. Jungle Party Deluxe Favor Set
3. Jungle Party Blowers
4. Monkeyin’ Around Stickers
5. Banana Candy
6. Curious George Mask

Monkey Birthday Favors - 27. Curious George Favor Bag
8. Curious George Favor Boxes
9. Monkey Lollipop
10. Monkey Wind-Up
11. Monkey Coin Holder with Clip
12. Monkey Sipper Cup

Monkey Birthday Favors - 3

13. Monkey Around Ultimate Favor Set
14. Tiny Plastic Monkey Figures
15. Monkey Vinyl Finger Puppets
16. Monkey Mints – Banana Flavored
17. Monkey Temporary Tattoos Favors
18. Beach Monkey Tropical Hut Treat Boxes

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of monkeys?

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