Christmas Tree Scavenger Hunt Game

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Since it’s now December, we decided it was time to set up our Christmas tree. We have such a variety of tree decorations (some old, some new, some homemade, etc.). It’s certainly not like the perfectly coordinated trees that you’ll find in a department store window. Each of our little ornaments has some sort of special meaning plus it’s perfect for this Scavenger Hunt Christmas Tree Game!

Christmas Tree Scavenger Hunt Game - Free Printable

Christmas Tree Game – Scavenger Hunt:

If you have a tree with a variety of ornaments as well, you’re kids will love this game. Simply make a list of items for them to find on the tree. This item list could include things like:

  • 4 ornaments that sparkle
  • 3 ornaments that have animals on them
  • 1 ornament given to you by a family member
  • 1 ornament that you can see your reflection in
  • 1 ornament that reminds you of a family member
  • 5 ornaments with North Pole characters on them
  • 3 ornaments that look good enough to eat
  • 1 ornament that looks like a family member
  • 3 ornaments with a date written on them
  • 1 ornament that represents a special occasion (like baby’s first Christmas or a special anniversary)
  • 1 ornament that you wish was life-sized
  • 1 ornament with a picture frame on it
  • 1 ornament that makes noise
  • 2 ornaments that represent sports
  • 2 ornaments that are homemade
  • 3 ornaments that are older than you
  • 1 ornament that is too big to fit into the palm of your hand

We now have two versions of this free printable game (both the same game – just two different looks):

Simply fill in the number of each ornament that you want your child to find. For example, if you have a lot of sparkly ornaments on the tree you may want to ask them to find 6 of them. I’ve also left a blank line on the bottom of the free printable so that you can add in another item to search for. Make sure each player knows that they have to explain why they chose each ornaments as an answer. The answers you’ll hear are sure to cause some giggles!

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Enjoy your holiday season!

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  1. Yippee, a great activity to play with my stir crazy kids! I hope you’ve got some ideas up your sleeve (I’m sure you do) because the winter is just beginning…

    Besos, Sarah
    Zookeeper at Journeys of The Zoo


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