Creating a Memorable Birthday

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I have loved everything about parties for as long as I can remember. I always start planning my son’s birthday parties months in advance because I love all the little details that go into a party theme. A memorable birthday isn’t all about the theme, the cake or the gifts, though. The people who choose to celebrate with you are the ones who help create a memorable birthday.

Farm Animal Birthday

For my son’s first birthday party, we held it at the local swimming pool with an Under The Sea theme. All of the kids went swimming with their parents while a few of us stayed back to set up the party room. I will always remember my son’s face as he dug into his very first cupcake. There was icing everywhere! He was more interested in playing with the icing than eating his first birthday treat.

For his second birthday party, we went with a farm animal theme because he loves imitating the sounds of farm animals. I had so many fabulous vendors help to make this party special and my parents came to help me set up. We had unique barn cupcake wrappers with doors that actually opened, adorable farm animal cake pops, silly farm animal cookies and chocolate cow pies (I’m pretty sure my dad ate most of those). My son had fun playing with his friends but he started crying when people stopped to sing Happy Birthday to him. I guess he didn’t like being the center of attention! That changed for his 3rd birthday party when he happily sang along.

Memorable Birthday Party Ideas:

There are so many different ways that you can make your birthday celebration memorable:

  • For friends and family far away, ask if they’d like to send a video message to the birthday boy or girl. You could even have a short video conference with them so they can join in to sing Happy Birthday!
  • Do you scrapbook? Provide party guests (both near and far) with little index cards that they can use to write a special birthday message on for your child’s scrapbook.
  • Do your children love crafts? Ask them to help make some of the party decorations.
  • Make a video of some party highlights that your family can enjoy watching for many years in the future. One of my favourite birthday videos is over 25 years old. It’s a video of my brother’s 5th birthday party. All of the kids were sitting on the couch when my mom carried in the birthday cake and said “Okay, let’s sing!” and all of the kids burst into the song “Oh, Canada”. Ha! Well, she didn’t specifically say that we had to sing Happy Birthday.

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