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One of the very first parties I saw on Lynlee’s was this amazing Toy Story Birthday Party. My son adores Toy Story and I know he’d be so excited to have a party like this for himself. Lynlee is filled with creative ideas for parties, sweets and more! I’m so thankful that she’s taken time from her busy schedule to share some party tips with us today. You’re going to love what she has to share!

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1) What is Lynlee’s?

Lynlee’s {a.k.a. Lynlee’s Petite Cakes} is a blog specializing in fondant, parties and crafts, providing inspiration and tutorials to readers and DIYers! My first book, Sweet & Unique Cupcake Toppers, is scheduled be released in April of 2014.


2) What is the most common question you get asked about party designing and how do you answer it?

The most common question I receive regarding party designing centers around where I find my party supplies and decor. My answer truly depends on the specific party, but for the most part, it includes a large mixture of stores! In addition to party/specialty stores, I can honestly say that I shop EVERYWHERE! Anywhere I go, I have my future parties on my mind and am on the lookout for inspiration. From home stores to discount stores to craft stores, I never cease my search, as you never know what you can find that will fit your theme perfectly! If I can’t find it locally, I will search for specific products on-line.

My budget is also an extremely important factor on my mind. If I find a decoration with a higher price, but find that it will make a big impact on the overall presentation, I will balance it out with lower ticket items. If I have to purchase something in mass quantities, on-line and discount stores are my best bet.

Just make sure to keep your eyes peeled and be creative!


3) What is one of your favorite & inexpensive ways to add a special WOW factor into a party?

I always love to add paper products to the party that not only add another dimension to the presentation, but also provides the ability to personalize the celebration to the guest of honor! I personally love to design the invitation, signs and tags myself, but because I am not a graphic designer, I purchase digital clip art that allows me to create my own paper decor. There are also many options out there from vendors who sell party printables that you can print yourself at home or who will print and ship the products directly to you. I like to carry out the theme from beginning to end and this way I can provide that “wow” factor from the moment the guests receive their invitation to the drive home when they are enjoying their favors.


4) If you could suggest two party supplies that every party-loving momma should have at home, what would they be?

Cake stands and white serving dishes! No party is complete without cupcakes and sweets, so cake stands are a must to not only display them, but also add dimension to your presentations. With an immense variety of colors, sizes and embellishments, cake stands are the perfect accent to any theme! White serving dishes are a must for presenting party food and the best part is you can re-use them party after party! The best buys are items that you can re-purpose and dress up to match any motif.


5) What is your favorite way to add a customized look to an otherwise standard party supply?

Sometimes the simple addition of embellishments, such as ribbon, twine or string can take a standard or commercial item to the next level! Again, adding personalized labels and tags give items a customized look. As far as food and desserts go, they don’t always have to be homemade – it’s all in the packaging and presentation! Prepare an otherwise boring sandwich lunch in a decorated gable box or purchase cupcakes and adorn them with fondant cupcake toppers! It’s all in the details!


All photos are courtesy of Lylnee’s.

We’d like to send a big THANK YOU to Lynlee for being featured today and sharing these fabulous party tips. Aren’t her parties amazing?! Stay updated on her latest creative ideas by following along on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

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