Party Tip Tuesday with Love The Day

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Welcome to Party Tip Tuesday! Today we’re featuring Lindi of Love The Day. Lindi is here to share some tips with us on places to shop for party supplies and ways to end the summer in style!

1) What is Love The Day?

Love The Day is a place where everyday is celebrated and cherished. My husband was diagnosed with a brain tumor two years ago (has since had it removed) but the experience helped our family realize that Everyday Is A Party. My hope is that people stop by Love The Day to find simple and homemade ways to celebrate every single day.

2) Where is your favorite place to shop for unique decoration pieces that can be used for multiple party themes?

I am totally a re-use and recycle party thrower. I begin my initial brainstorming session at Goodwill or a local thrift shop to find one of a kind items (that I usually have to spruce up a bit) that will serve as a statement piece. More often than not, that item will be repainted and reused again and again in some form. I also always try to sew garlands or table runners for my parties that I use over and over.

Love the Day

3) With the new school year quickly approaching (or already here for some families), what tips do you have for putting together a quick Back to School party?

Stock up on school supplies now while they are crazy cheap. They serve as perfect decorations, party favors, etc. for future back to school parties.

Love the Day

4) With summer soon coming to an end, any tips for celebrating these last days of summer?

With summer ending, I am all about small get togethers with my favorite people. We love to throw cook-offs/bake-offs where everyone is assigned the same theme. Ice Cream was the most recent theme and whoa baby, what a yummy party that was! Cherry Chocolate Chip was the favorite of the night.

Love the Day

5) What is the most unique favor that you’ve seen at a party?

I think anything homemade is the most memorable. My kids love a fun and entertaining party with a take-a-way that reminds them of the good time they had.

Love the Day

All photos are courtesy of Love The Day.

Thank you to Lindi for being featured this week. Be sure to follow her on the social media accounts listed on the top right corner of her site. You won’t want to miss any of the creative party ideas she has to share!

If you know of a party planning expert that we should feature in a future Party Tip Tuesday post, please let me know!

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