Lemonade Stand Ideas & Free Printables

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One of the first businesses kids want to set up is a lemonade stand. I had a few when I was a child and I remember the excitement of making a few dollars that I could spend on something special. Not only is running a lemonade stand fun but there are so many learning opportunities for kids while running their new little business. Here I’ll share a few tips for running a lemonade stand along with free printables for your children to use.

Lemonade Stand Free Printables

Lemonade Stand Printables:

When planning a lemonade sale, there are many things to consider:

  • When will the sale be?
  • What will you serve?
  • Who will be working at the sale and what will each person be responsible for?
  • What supplies will you need?
  • …and so much more!

These free lemonade stand printables will help you with both planning and running your sale.

Lemonade Stand Free Printables

What Will You Sell?

Obviously you’ll have lemonade at your sale but what types of lemonade will you sell? Will you stick to traditional lemonade or will you offer a variety of flavors? A fun idea would be to include your SodaStream maker to offer a sparkling beverage. You could mix the lemonade flavor with others like cranberry juice.

Cranberry Lemonade

The SodaStream is portable so an adult could use the machine outside to replenish the supply as the child makes sales. You could also have a small “berry bar” where people could scoop some fresh fruit into their sparkling beverages.

Raspberry Lemonade

For the first part of the planning process, record the types of drinks you’ll be serving on the “Drink Menu” printable. You can display this at your sale.

Lemonade Stand Free Printables

What supplies will you need?

Make a list of supplies you’ll need and where you’ll find each. You may have some of the supplies in your home already but you may have to purchase a few. Here are some suggestions for your supplies checklist:

  • SodaStream
  • cooler
  • ice packs
  • ice
  • lemonade
  • pitchers
  • cups
  • straws
  • napkins
  • cash register
  • float (change for customers)
  • calculator
  • balloons
  • table
  • chairs

Lemonade Stand Free Printables

How will you track business expenses?

Now that you know what you’ll be serving and what supplies you’ll need for the sale, use the Business Expenses page to record the supplies that you’ll need to purchase and what the cost will be of each. Once you see how much it costs you to run the sale, you can decide on the prices for your drink menu items.

Lemonade Stand Free Printables

When will the sale be?

Will your sale be held for a couple of hours one afternoon or will it be a full weekend sale? Decide what your business hours will be and write them on the Business Hours printable.

Lemonade Stand Free Printables

How will you advertise the sale?

Will you use balloons to showcase your lemonade stand? Will you put a sign up on the corner? You can use the free printable Lemonade Stand sign along with the Lemonade banner. If there are costs associated with your advertising plans, be sure to record these on the Business Expenses sheet.

Lemonade Stand Free Printables

Lemonade Stand Free Printables

How will you track your sales?

You’ll want to know how successful your first business venture was! On the Sales Tracker page, write the drink types along the top row and then simply add a check mark in the appropriate column for each sale. At the end of the sale, you can total up the check marks in each column to see what your most popular flavor was.

Lemonade Stand Free Printables

How will you calculate your earnings?

Before your sale starts, mark down how much float (change for customers) you have in your cash register. At the end of the sale, subtract the total in your cash register from the float and then deduct your business expenses to find out how much money you made.

A clever idea is to make notes of lessons learned after the sale – what flavors were the best, what supplies did you not use, what supplies did you run out of, what were the busiest times of the day, did you have any specific requests from customers?

For more delicious drink recipe ideas, visit SodaStream or browse the #BubblesMyWay hashtag on Twitter.

Lemonade Stand Free Printables

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