Jake and the Never Land Pirates Party

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Jake and the Never Land Pirates PartyAhoy, Matey! Have your little ones requested a Jake and the Never Land Pirates party? A pirate party is always such a fun theme for a child’s birthday party and with these special Disney touches, it’s sure to be a party to remember!

Here I’ll share ideas for invitations, decor, activities, food, dessert and treat bags. I’ll also share some links with you for free Disney party printables.

Jake and the Never Land Pirates Party – Invitations:

To invite your child’s best mateys to your party, you could send a unique invitation in a bottle. The wording on the invitations could include popular lines from the show like:

  • You’re Invited to Pirate Island!
  • Do you want to join  our pirate crew?
  • Yo Ho, Let’s Go to {Child Name}’s Birthday Party!
  • There will be treasures and adventure today!
  • Shiver Me Timbers! {Child’s Name} is turning 5!

Disney Junior Canada has free printable flat card invitations for a Jake and the Never Land Pirates party (see the link at the bottom of this post). Jake and the Never Land Pirates Party - Free Invite

Here are a couple of additional fun options:
Jake and the Never Land Pirates Party - Invitations
1. Pirate Invitation in a Bottle
2. Jake and the Never Land Pirates Invitation

Jake and the Never Land Pirates Party – Decorations:

A fun idea for your party decor is to make guests feel like they’ve just set sail on the Never Sea aboard Bucky (their pirate ship). Here are some fun ways to set the scene:

  • ship wheel
  • plastic skull
  • gold doubloons (plastic or chocolate gold coins) on tables around the party area
  • pirate spyglass
  • pirate flag
  • skull & bones banner
  • wooden barrels
  • red & black balloons

Jake and the Never Land Pirates Party - Decorations
1. 12″ Pirate Shipwheel – Nautical Decor
2. Plastic skull
3. Large Gold Foiled Milk Chocolate Coins
4. Spyglass Handheld Leather Scope
5. Jolly Roger Pirate Flag
6. Pirate Banner
7. Pirate Streamer
8. 20 Ship Anchor”
9. Peel and Stick Wall Decals
10. Jumbo Foil Balloon
11. Big Party Mylar Foil Shape Balloons
12. 7 Piece Action Figure Figurines Play Set

Jake and the Never Land Pirates Party – Activities:

What would a pirate party be without a fun treasure hunt?! There are so many fun ways to mix Jake and the Never Land Pirates in with a fun treasure hunt. You could set it up that Peter Pan has left clues for the kids to find on the way to the hidden treasure. Of course there will be obstacles to overcome – Captain Hook insists on it!

You can start your game by letting all your little pirates know the pirate password – “Yo Ho Ho!”. Your treasure hunt can consist of fun activities like solving pirate problems together and overcoming obstacles. After the players solve each pirate problem, they can be awarded some gold doubloons (chocolate gold coins). As you award the gold doubloons after each problem, you could say “Grab ’em & Go!” like the popular line from the TV show.

The treasure hunt could lead to a treasure chest filled with the favor bags for each of the little pirates to take home. You could leave a big “X” to mark the spot of the treasure.

Some examples of clues & challenges you can leave along the path of the treasure hunt include:

  • Set out green & brown streamer paper tangled over the ground to look like a swamp (Crocodile Creek). You can cut out grey circles to represent stones. One of the challenges could be for all the little pirates to hop on the stones across the swamp.
  • A sign that says “To Pirate Island!”
  • A sign that says “To Skull Rock”
  • A sign that says “This Way Crew!”
  • The little pirates could be asked to walk the plank by walking on a straight line across a path full of obstacles.
  • Set a challenge of “hoisting the sail” where the players are given material and sticks and asked to build a new sail for Bucky.
  • Set a “full speed ahead” challenge where players pair up for relay races to carry an arm full of coconuts past a finish line.
  • A sign that says “Set sail on the Never Sea!”

Along the way, Captain Hook could try to detour them by leaving little notes like:

  • “Blast You Puny Pirates!”
  • “What in Blazes?!”

The players will know it was Captain Hook trying to derail their plans if you leave some of Captain Hook’s belongings that he accidentally left behind. Some ideas include:

  • a white feather from his hat
  • his hook hand
  • Smee’s red hat

You could also provide bandanas or pirate hats to the guests to help them look like little pirates. Jake and the Never Land Pirates Party - Activities
1. Rhode Island Novelty Pirate Treasure Chest
2. Green Crepe Streamer
3. Plastic Coconut Cups
4. Feathers Quills Large White 4pc/Pkg
5. Pirate Bandana
6. Pirate Captain Cardboard Party Hats

Jake and the Never Land Pirates Party – Food:

The food area where guests get to sit down, relax and eat could be called the “Hideaway at Sea”. Your food choices could be set out as a “Seafood Buffet” and could include items such as:

  • Crocodile Bites (small bite-sized appetizers)
  • Skully’s Crackers and Cheese
  • Goldfish Crackers
  • Fish Sticks & Chips
  • Chicken Fingers (for guests that don’t like fish sticks)

Jake and the Never Land Pirates Party - Food
1. Pirate Treasure Map Place Mats
2. Luncheon Napkin
3. Dinner Plates
4. Paper Cups
5. Dessert Plates
6. Salt Water Taffy Assorted Flavors

Jake and the Never Land Pirates Party – Dessert:

In addition to the traditional birthday cake, some fun dessert ideas for a Jack and the Never Land Pirates Party are:

  • Fresh island fruit
  • Pixie dust cupcakes (cupcakes iced and topped with edible glitter)
  • Aw, Coconuts! Cupcakes (from Cubby’s famous line) with cupcakes topped with icing mixed with sweetened, shredded coconut
  • Salt water taffy
  • Cannonballs (cake balls rolled in black icing)

Jake and the Never Land Pirates Party – Treasure Bags:

There are so many fun ideas for creating personalized pirate treasure favors to send home with the guests. You could include little articles of pirate clothing like bandanas, an eye patch, an inflatable sword or a pirate hat. You could also include candy like gold coins and skull gummies. Jake and the Never Land Pirates Party - Favors
1. Party Favor Box
2. Tattoos Sheets
3. Pirate Ring
4. Pirate Gummy Candy
5. Mini Plastic Telescope
6. Treasure Chest Favor Box
7. Pirate Ultimate Favor Set
8. Eye Patches
9. Bubble Gum Foil Coins, 100 pieces

What would you want to find in a pirate’s treasure chest?

For more Jake and the Never Land Pirates party ideas, visit Disney Junior Canada. They have free printable invitations and plenty of ideas for food and activities.

For more fun birthday party ideas including themes, decorating ideas, food ideas, activities, free printables, favor ideas and more, check out our special Birthday Party page.

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