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My little guy doesn’t talk a lot yet but I can see his imagination coming out through play. A wrapping paper tube turns into a tunnel slide for one of our retro Little People. Thomas the Tank Engine takes a break from the rails to ride Mike the Knight’s horse. Old boxes turn into forts for his Little People. There is never a shortage of creative ways to play! Imaginative play helps a child build self-confidence – something that is so important for children to start learning at a young age.

Tips for Building Self-Confidence in Kids:

  • encouraging imagination
  • praising good behaviour
  • thanking them when they do something nice for you
  • trying their ideas
  • showing them that their opinions matter

The vision of the Imaginext brand is exactly that – to inspire & empower kids through imaginative play that helps them build confidence, solve problems and discover who they are. The Imaginext brand includes preschool appropriate toys that provide an entry into the exciting world of action and adventure play. As my son gets older, I notice that he’s now showing an interest in action figures and more adventurous play. Yes, I shed a few tears each time I pack a “baby” toy away but I love watching him grow and experiment more with his new “big boy” toys.

Imaginext is Turning on the Adventure by introducing the new Ed Venture webisodes featuring Ed and his friends as they discover worlds of adventure as firefighters in Hot Time in the City and as a knights in Through the Crystal Eye!

Imaginext Contest

Imaginext Contest:

Imaginext has launched a creative new online game with 9 clues to solve in exciting adventures. Simply register to play the game and solve all of the clues throughout the different phases of the game. Once all of the clues are solved, you are entered to win 1 of 5 $300 Imaginext prize packs! Each prize package includes:

  1. Imaginext Rescue City Centre
  2. Imaginext Mega Apatasaurus
  3. Imaginext Eagle Talon Castle
  4. Imaginext Batcave
  5. Imaginext Monsters U Scare Floor

Imaginext Contest

What an amazing prize package! I know there will be a lot of these toys under the Christmas tree this year. Let me tell you more about the Imaginext Rescue City Centre. It features a city scape with lots of action!

  • The left side features a gas station with Gas Pump, a currency exchange with a figure disk activation that will either open the vault in back or drop down a gate blocking the front door and a hotel with a jewelry store on the first floor.
  • The right side of the set is equipped with a Fire Station, police Station and hospital.
  • The police station features a jail door that operates via turn disk.
  • The fire station has a pop open front door that is activated via a turn disk on the sidewalk. This will also unlock the “ActionTech” Technology that allows this playset to magically communicate with other accessories.
  • The Fire Truck which comes with the playset also features this technology and will unlock the dispatcher once activated. One other turn disk activates “flames” that pop up inside the hotel! You can put the fire out with the projectile water blob from the fire truck.
  • The hospital has an elevator, lobby an X-Ray machine and an operation table.
  • Comes with two figures, fire truck, satellite dish, antenna, parking meter, street light, axe, fire hydrant and flag for the bank.

If your child was going on an action-filled adventure, were would he go? Back in time? To another planet? To a secret fortress under the sea? Let us know in the comments below.

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