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For today’s Party Tip Tuesday feature, Jessica with Everyday Party Magazine is here to share some great tips for planning a creative party without breaking your budget. In the new magazine you’ll find DIY ideas and real party ideas by moms just like you!

Everyday Party Magazine

1) What is Everyday Party Magazine?

Everyday Party is a place for inspiration for real moms. We share amazing parties, tips and DIY projects that we believe will add some personalization to your party without breaking the bank. We offer multiple versions of the same theme to show our readers that there is no right way to have a party. We hope you will read the magazine and website and walk away feeling confident that you are ready to create your own party!

2) What do you think is the biggest trend in birthday parties right now?

Really, I am not sure! I think dessert tables are here to stay for a while and I would like to believe that over the top parties are fading away. I would have to say that photo booths and chalk board signs are probably the biggest current trends in the party world.

3) If a mom was to invest (indulge) in one party supply, what would you suggest?

I would highly suggest a good circle punch or cutter. I have decent ones, but I wish mine were better. Also, I firmly believe decent white serving dishes are a great investment. I have lots from various places and I have paid a little as $2 or $3 for a serving bowl or platter. I buy the dishes when I see them on clearance or for a really good deal at JC Penney’s, Marshall’s, HomeGoods, TJMaxx, and Target.

4) What tips do you have for making the most out of your party budget?

I am very frugal. I really try to do everything myself. I buy my boys cakes from our local grocery store, I became friendly with the bakery staff and now they enjoy making cakes to meet my crazy requests. I also firmly believe in buying quality products that are versatile enough to use at all of my events. Additionally, I try to start planning my kids’ parties several months in advance to help spread the cost out. My kids party favors are often store bought items with custom tags I make myself or find online. There are tons of free and low cost printables online and those are a great way to make your party look custom! Finally, and this is a big cost saver, use your resources! That plant on your desk at work, that super cute crate your friend has in her basement or your mom’s tablecloth. I always go “shopping” through my family and friend’s homes before I rush out and buy anything.

Everyday Party Magazine

5) Do you have a favorite DIY party tutorial?

Oh wow! That is so hard for me! I love DIY projects, but I joke that I am an outdoor DIY’er. I love my Ryobi Power Tools and Krylon Spray Paint. It’s a stress reliever for me to go outside with my hammer drill or nail gun and just build something! However, if you give me paper or tissue paper, I am absolutely going to take five times longer than I should to make something, and I will likely utter ugly words under my breath.

Everyday Party Magazine

I would have to say my favorite recent project was a chandelier I made for my sister’s baby shower. I haven’t shared the DIY for it online yet, but there is a photo of it in the most recent issue of Everyday Party Magazine. I used a Dollar Tree hula hoop, 3 spools of hot pink tulle from JoAnn’s Fabric, and second hand icicle Christmas lights. I wrapped the Christmas lights around the hula hoop, allowing some to hang down and secured them with clear zip ties. Then, I cut the tulle to twice the length plus a little bit longer than I wanted it to hang down, and looped it over the hula hoop like I would do if I was making a tutu. It cost me about $15 and took about an hour to make, but it really was a beautiful focal piece at the baby shower. I hung it using fishing line and small cup hooks. Look for the full tutorial on soon!

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