Ideas For Streamers

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These fun games all include ideas for streamers. You can buy streamers at any party store or dollar store in your area for a very low cost. The rolls are usually quite thick so you can get a lot of games out of one roll. Cheap summer fun! There are so many ways to get creative with streamer games. Here are some fun games that you can easily create with your kids for a fun afternoon of play or for your next party!

Ideas for Streamers – Wrestling Ring:

Create a wrestling ring around 4 chairs and have the kids wrestle water balloons in the middle. See more WWE Wrestling Party ideas here.

Ideas for Streamers

Ideas for Streamers – Horse Jumps:

Tie streamer paper between chairs or pegs in the ground and have the kids race to jump over them. See more horse party ideas here.

Ideas for Streamers – Obstacle Course:

Have the children crawl over and under streamers tied between pegs as part of an obstacle course.

Ideas for Streamers - obstacles

Ideas for Steamers – Laser Maze:

Tie diagonal pieces of streamers to various pegs or objects and have the children crawl through it like it’s secret laser lights – if they touch a piece of streamer paper (laser), they must start over again.

Ideas for Streamers - Laser

Ideas for Streamers – Tag:

Give each child the same length of streamer paper and have them tuck one side into a back pocket. The “it” person must try to catch/tag players by pulling out their piece of streamer paper. Once a child loses their piece of streamer paper, they are out of the game until the next round.

Have you ever played party games using streamers? What great ideas for streamers game can you share with us?

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