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Welcome to Party Tip Tuesday! Today we’re featuring the talented Jasmine of IDEA! event + style. In this post, Jasmine shares some creative tips for party planning including an important tip of really listening to what your client wants – even if that “client” is your child! By really listening to what your client’s interests are, you can turn a somewhat ordinary party into an extraordinary celebration customized to highlight the guest of honor. I’ll now pass it over to Jasmine to share some fabulous party tips!

1) What is IDEA! event + style?

IDEA! event + style offers a fresh, modern approach to creating a completely customized and themed event for the special occasion you’re celebrating – from artistic dessert experiences to wedding styling, to bridal showers to baby showers, to birthday parties and beyond. Whether you need an all-inclusive event, a themed dessert bar, or simply custom-designed invitations and favors, I can help you all the way! As an established Atlanta area party planner, I believe modern events are all about the experience – a simple, stylish celebration that means less stress and more memories.

IDEA! event + style decor ideas

2) You always have such creative party themes – like a Ballerina in Paris or the Book of Love Bridal Shower! What tips do you have for someone who is trying to think of an original party idea or someone who wants to put a fun twist on a traditional party theme?

Talk to your client! That first meeting is so important, the one where you figure out your client’s personality, their unique story and what they are passionate about. Those factors play the most important role in making a celebration unique, personalized and full of memories. Don’t stress if your client picks a generic or already over-used theme! Use your creativity to still infuse their unique personality into their celebration because that’s what it’s about. It’s an event later, a celebration first! Read my blog post about how the book theme came about for “The Book of Love” bridal shower.

IDEA! event + style Book of Love

3) What are some creative non-food favor ideas for kids?

I like to make little kits that go with the party theme. A spy favor kit could have a magnifying glass, a pair of sunglasses and maybe a fingerprinting set or edible spy paper! Wrap all that up in a large world map style wrapping paper (available at with a piece of pretty ribbon and you’ve got a favor that looks cute and is also interesting! For a little girl’s party, you could use a mini bird cage with some hair accessories or craft supplies. Attach some flowers and crystals on the outside along with a little thank you tag, and you’ll have a happy little girl! The possibilities are endless with some imagination and certainly healthier than a tub of candy!

IDEA! event + style Party Favors

4) What are 3 party-related products that you couldn’t party without?

Pretty fabric (perfect for backdrops, table overlays, runners, wrapping favors, you name it!), unique dessert stands (I love layering mirrors and crystal candlesticks for dessert displays, I’ve even used wide vases upside down as cake stands), and white fitted tablecloths that are the perfect modern basics for any dessert table.

IDEA! event + style decor ideas

5) It is easy to go overboard on a party budget. What tips do you have for keeping a budget on track?

Set a realistic budget and then work backwards. Fill in the costs of items that are absolutely needed and then use the leftover budget for little splurges that will set your celebration apart and make it unique. It’s always a smart idea to invest in a few pieces that you can use at multiple celebrations such as basic white tablecloths (you can layer different fabrics on top for different looks), white cake stands that can be dressed up differently each time, and a few folding tables and chairs. Always allocate a slightly larger percentage of your budget towards the food, drinks, cake and other desserts because a happy belly makes a happy guest!

IDEA! event + style decor ideas

All photos are courtesy of IDEA! event + style.

We’d like to send a big Thank You to Jasmine for being featured in this Party Tip Tuesday! Be sure to follow her social media accounts (you’ll find the links on the top right corner of her site) to keep updated with the latest creative ideas.

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