I Spy Bingo

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Turn your next walk into a fun game by creating I Spy Bingo cards (or print this one for free). Your children can point out the items to  you as they find them. You’ll want to bring along a bingo dabber or pen to mark off the items as you find them.

I Spy Bingo

I Spy Bingo:

This free printable also includes a blank bingo card so that your little ones can create their own game to play. Have them brainstorm ideas that they’ll be able to find outdoors – mix in both easy and difficult items to find. They can then bring their created game out for an adventure walk. Maybe your little ones want to create a game for mom or dad to play during the walk too.

On a rainy day, the kids can create their own I Spy Bingo games to play indoors with themes like items to find in the kitchen, in the garage, out the window, etc. Some silly ideas for items to find in the indoor I Spy Bingo game are:

  • Something expired in the cupboard
  • Something empty in the fridge
  • A receipt in a jacket pocket
  • A toy that uses 4 batteries
  • A green bathtub toy
  • A measuring tape
  • A box big enough to hold a watermelon
  • A red hat

This is also a fun game to play during long road trips. Have your little ones create a I Spy Bingo game before your next long road trip.

This is a fun activity to use as a playgroup activity with your moms and tots group. You can print off a copy for each mom or each child and award prizes for the most items found during the walk.

Do you go out for a lot of family walks during the days of sunny & warm weather?

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