Tips for Planning a Surprise Party

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Surprise parties can be a lot of fun…if you manage to keep it a surprise! Planning a surprise party means you’ll have to do a little investigating and a whole lot of sneaking. Here are some easy tips on how to plan a surprise party.

How to Plan a Surprise Party

How to Plan a Surprise Party – Planning:

Make sure your birthday guy or gal is free on the day you’re planning to have the party. A great way to do this is to have another friend make plans with him for the date and time of the party. It will be this friend’s responsibility to get the birthday guy to the party.

Thinking of an excuse to get the birthday guy to the party can be tricky. Try not to be too elaborate with your excuse ideas or the birthday guy may suspect that something is going on. A good example of a believeable story is to invite the birthday guy out for supper and when he arrives to the restaurant, the surprise party will be waiting for him! You could even make a quick stop to pick something up from an alternate location (like a friend’s house) where the party will be waiting to surprise him.

If you’re planning a surprise party for someone that lives with you, don’t use your home number for RSVP’s or party vendors. The birthday guy may get suspicious of the phone calls or may hear a voicemail that he’s not supposed to hear.

How to Plan a Surprise Party – Guests:

Try to invite all of the guests through personal emails or word of mouth. Don’t use social media (like Facebook or Twitter) to discuss party plans because the birthday guy may see the secret messages in his feed.

Not sure who to invite? Ask a one of the birthday guys classmates, a co-worker, a spouse, a family member, or friends for suggestions so that you don’t miss inviting someone special.

Be sure that everyone knows that it’s a surprise party so they’ll know to keep it a secret. Some people are much better at keeping a secret than others!

Invite all of the guests to arrive at the party at least 30 minutes before the birthday guy is supposed to arrive so that the guests arrive in time to make the big SURPRISE!

How to Plan a Surprise Party – Party Day:

If the party is at your home, ask guests not to park right in front of the house because the birthday guy will know something is going on right away. The same idea goes for a party at an alternate location, ask guests not to linger in hallways or outside the location because they will give the surprise away when the birthday guy arrives.

Don’t worry if your birthday guy or gal uncovers the surprise before the big day. It will still be a fun event worth celebrating!

What are your best tips for how to plan a surprise party? Have you planned one before? If so, how did it go? Was the birthday guy or gal surprised?

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6 thoughts on “Tips for Planning a Surprise Party”

  1. Great ideas. I can remember a friend planning a surprise party for her husband and she used facebook for everything. He knew the moment she started, it is funny how we do not think about the small details sometimes.

  2. I have never thrown a surprise party but I did have one planned for me….I sort of figured it out when I saw balloons lined up on the sidewalk leading to my house…but I didn’t know it was a surprise party. IT was fun…maybe one of these days I’ll get to plan one for someone!

  3. I am SO bad at keeping secrets that I could never plan a surprise party for my hubby but love to help other friends and family plan them. Thanks for the great tips!


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