Gymnastics at Home

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Gymnastics at HomeMy toddler has started gymnastics already and he loves it. For the toddler age group, it is mostly climbing up and over things, through tunnels, etc. For a fun afternoon at home, you could try to set up your own mini gymnastics at home. As with all activities for kids, be sure to always have parent supervision so no one gets hurt. You can also use gym or yoga mats on the floor for a softer play area.

Gymnastics at Home Ideas:

  • a mini exercise trampoline for the kids to jump on
  • hoops for the kids to jump or step through
  • inflatable mattress for the kids to tumble across
  • build a small ramp with pillows and an exercise mat that the kids can roll down
  • a toy slide for the kids to slide down
  • tunnels to crawl though (if you don’t have toy tunnels, you could also use some large cardboard boxes)
  • beam to walk across (could be as simple as some painters tape on the floor that they have to walk a straight line on)
  • hill of pillows to climb over
  • jump rope to climb over or under
  • pylons to run around
  • build a fort to climb through using furniture and sheets

For your gymnastics at home activities, make sure your little ones are wearing comfortable shoes or socks with good grip.

Your kids can also bring along their best stuffed animal friend and teach them how to go through gymnastics at home course as well.

For fun, you can award little medals for achievements. You can find some plastic medals at your local party store or dollar store in the party favor section.

For outdoor gymnastics-related fun, here are a few ideas for planning your own obstacle course.

Has your little one started a gymnastics class yet? If so, what is his favorite part?

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