Free Printable Vacation Countdown Calendar

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Are you planning a special vacation for your family? The holiday season is a popular time for travel so we’ve made a FREE printable vacation countdown calendar to help you count down the days until your trip.

Free Printable Vacation Countdown Calendar

This free printable comes with 31 envelopes plus note cards to put inside each envelope. These note cards include some with titles & some blank cards:

  • Surprise! We’re going to – for you to use on the first day of the countdown to announce where you are going
  • Itinerary Sneak Peek – to share little sneak peeks of some of the fun activities you have planned
  • Did You Know – to share little known facts about your destination
  • Time To Start Packing – with space to write down some packing essentials
  • Blank cards – for your own special messages, to plan a surprise vacation scavenger hunt at home, etc.

Free Printable Vacation Countdown Calendar:

Simply print the FREE printable vacation countdown calendar envelopes plus note cards (two separate files), cut out the envelopes & note cards, glue or tape the envelopes together, write your special messages on the note cards then display the calendar on something like a bulletin board.

Free Printable Vacation Countdown Calendar

Don’t Miss Out!

Not only is it a popular time of year for travel but it’s also cold & flu season. You don’t want to miss out on all the fun of a vacation because you’re sick with a cold or flu. When planning your vacation, take steps to ensure you stay healthy! According to the Public Health Agency of Canada, flu cases result in approximately 12,200 hospitalizations and, on average, 3,500 deaths in Canada each year. Those are some pretty scary statistics!

You can reduce your chances of getting the flu this year by:

  • Getting your flu shot: You can go to a Shoppers Drug Mart pharmacy to get your flu shot from an injection-certified pharmacist – no appointment required!
  • Washing your hands & carrying hand sanitizer with you to use when you aren’t near a sink.
  • Living a healthy lifestyle including eating healthy, immune boosting foods and exercising.

Win a Cold & Flu Prize Package!

You could win a Cold & Flu prize package from Shoppers Drug Mart! This prize package is valued at $150 (CAD) and includes the following:

  • $100 Shoppers Drug Mart Gift Card
  • Life Brand Vapourizing Colds Rub (57g)
  • Life Brand Cough Drop SF Menthol
  • Life Brand Elect Maint Powder Orange
  • Life Brand Elect Maint Powder Apple Black Currant
  • Life Brand Facial Pocket Pack (3 ply)
  • Life Brand Hand Sanitizer
  • Life Brand Vaporizer with 5 pads
  • President’s Choice Soothed Tea – Peppermint, Ginger & Fennel
  • President’s Choice Hearty Chicken Noodle Soup


*Disclosure: I was compensated for this post; however, all opinions expressed here are my own. Thank you to our printable designer Wendy plus Erin Bradley Designs & Pixel Paper Prints for the clipart.

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  1. I have emphysema so it is VERY important for me to avoid getting sick. ( I am a nonsmoker ) I get the flu shot, wash my hands as soon as I get in the door after being out anywhere. Try and avoid touching my face. Stay away from people that are sick. We eat very healthy and drink lots of water. Exercise is also important so we got a puppy this year<3 He makes us go out for long walks everyday.The rest is just on a prayer. Thank you for offering this great giveaway 🙂


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